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images hairstyles Compaq Presario for Compaq Presario cq60xyzgc12-24 03:01 PMI heard about Prithvi Raj killing Ghori and it's called Shbda Bhedi Bana Vidya. They say that Prithvi raj knew Shabda Bhedi vidya. Correct, that's what the legend says. However the point here is that the bad practice of insulting Prithviraj by making tourists and visitors step on his grave is still followed in

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Yuvraj Singh is in no mood to settle for a match picked by mum and dad. The 29-year-old cricketer, listed among the most eligible bachelors in the country, says he will wait for love to come his way before he ties the knot.“Marriage will happen only when I feel that I have found the right girl … I do not believe in arranged marriages, so it will be love marriage for me,” he says, adding that his

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Justin and Selena Get Cozy in NYCThe young stars were spotted kissing at an Armani event in the Big Apple! Plus, does Matthew Morrison have a new gal?

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images pictures images Julia Roberts plays julia roberts familyreachinus07-21 12:14 PMIf the W-2 is for more than the LCA requirement, you don't have any thing to worry about. thanks for ur reply. wallpaper plays julia roberts family dresses CGL amp; Julia RobertsMYGC200801-23 11:27 AMFirst thing is you need to renew your passport. Old passport will be given back. Also if your passport is not

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images hair japanese goldfish tattoo hot Fantail Goldfish Tattoo 1anadimisra02-12 03:20 PMThere was another thread calling Indians "Cheap". "Indian Origin People" is a very broad category of people and only being from the same community does not give you any right to defame the whole community. IT HAPPENS ONLY in INDIA(N) ORIGIN PEOPLE wallpaper hot Fantail Goldfish Tattoo 1 Japanese Koi

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Take Off For Canada  Prince William and Kate Middleton take off for Canada!Hey there, I'm Lauren, and we've got your look at the couple as they embark on their journey. It's Kate's first visit to North America — but this isn't William's first time in Canada. Get the lowdown on the Duke of Cambridge's somewhat sentimental history with the country in today's

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images May 27, 2011 10:47 pm mary j blige someone to lovesledge_hammer06-25 04:03 PMYou are wrong my friend. Not all rich people pay cash for their homes. Read this - Celebrity Foreclosures - ( And who was rich first and does not consider his house as an investment! wallpaper mary j blige

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The back and forth between the two Khans seems never ending and Salman has come up with a new way of poking fun at Shah Rukh, this time through the promo of Chillar Party.Incidentally, Salman also targeted Hrithik Roshan who is SRK's very close friend.Sources told a leading news daily, "Salman shot a funny promo for Chillar Party where he is interacting with one of the characters, Jangya who

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Lindsay Lohan had her ankle monitor removed and was released from house arrest around 10:20 a.m. Pacific Time yesterday.Last night, she partied with friends at the Lexington Social House in Los Angeles. We're as shocked as you are: she didn't go there for a late breakfast?!?Lohan reportedly spent the evening with actors Emile Hirsch and Lyndsy Fonseca, barely making it out of the club without

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images pictures About Methadone Clinic. methadone clinic. behind a methadone clinic Kitsap methadone clinicQuickGreenCard09-29 10:26 PMGuys, I am currently working as Programmer Analyst for a company who is currently doing the GC. I have been with them for about 7 years. Starting next month I am going to use my H1 7th year. I am pondering about a new offer Firmware Engg. My GC detaisl are

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It seems Anil Kapoor is not having a good week! After a no show in Mission Impossible trailer, Anil Kapoor is not amused by Aamir Khan's hirsute look inspired by him in Delhi Belly's I Hate You Like I Love You and is, reportedly, miffed with him.Last week, when Aamir released the item song he said that he had taken inspiration from various yesteryears' actors including Anil Kapoor for his hairy

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Bradley Cooper's Crazy New 'DoIs "The Hangover" star trading in his neat and tidy tresses for dreadlocks? Find out why Brad is sporting a laid-back look!

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images selena gomez hairstyles curly. Selena Gomez Hairstylegc4me12-18 02:10 PMBTW, who is Antulay? I googled but no clue. True. No doubt this needs investigation. But Antulay's intentions were horrible. wallpaper Selena Gomez Hairstyle hairstyle. selena gomezMacaca09-27 12:06 PMIn defense of lobbying ( This country�s Founders

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Since Dabangg, Sonakshi Sinha has become hot property in the film industry. Not surprisingly, every filmmaker worth his salt wants to rope in the Dabangg beauty for their film. But the actress is already acting too choosy about her films. After opting out of KS Ravikumar's Rana, the actress, who was paired oppostite Kamal Hassan in Vishwaroobham, has opted out of the film citing 'date reasons'."

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The defense rested today in the Casey Anthony trial, bringing to an end two weeks' worth of evidence presentation and witness testimony. It did so with the Anthony choosing not to take the stand.The prosecution will now present a rebuttal case, but it is barely even expected to last a day. Closing arguments will follow, with jury deliberations possibly getting underway this holiday weekend.If

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images Map: Mermaid Beach 4218 Paradise Beach Gold Coastrsdang08-22 11:56 AMOnce Indra Gandhi was invited by queen Elizabeth for a tea party. Zail Singh wanted to know why he would not be taken to the ocassion by indra gandhi. Indra said that he did not have any table ettiqquette but she would train him for it. After six months of rigourous training, they went to the party. After tea the

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With director Madhur Bhandarkar shelving his dream project Heroine because of lead actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy, there is a new debate in the film industry on whether a no-pregnancy clause should be added in an actor’s contract. We spoke to various production houses and producers to know their take on the same. Here’s what they have to say.Bhushan Kumar: I will support such a clause

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Is Housewife the New Susan Boyle?  Housewife Cindy Chang stuns viewers with her amazing opera singing skills on "America's Got Talent"! Hear the judges sound off.

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images pravachol aciphex nasacort methadone effects protonix side fillers in Methadone Hydrochloride USP.nkappiah07-19 09:51 PMI got married recently. Both my husband and I have similar priority dates as labour was filed separately for each of us by our respective companies. Is there any downside to adding each other to our applications and dual filing for greencard? Is there any downside to

war of the worlds book

images The War of the Worlds book 1 War of the Worlds Indexdingudi03-18 11:24 AMNo FP yet for me either. spouse received and completed FP couple of weeks ago. I do not understand why the national center tells that FP is based on local availability and local center tells no FP because name check pending . These are so inconsistent and different answers we get from same organization. wallpaper

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images Melissa Joan Hart Happy Birthday Melissa!sriwaitingforgc08-06 04:17 PMWow, I love this thread. It gave me a good relief . Thanks to all . wallpaper Happy Birthday Melissa! starring Melissa Joan Hartgapala12-24 08:17 PMI know you must have left the forums by now. But I find it interesting how you are being misled by the so called leaders in India itself. Check this column by Tarun Vijay

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images rosie transformers 3 megan fox transformers 3.pcs05-16 12:54 PMFree market economy is the best for mankind. As long as nobody steals, laws should not bind people's imagination & creativity. Hiring of H1-B by "consultencies" is like stocking goods in a shop before you open for business. This is an acceptable model for business in any society. I support the process of hiring H1-B by

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images reality show quot;Mob Wives,… #39;Mob Wives#39; Recap: ReneeRNGC10-01 06:33 PMI am the only employee working for my H1 sponsoring company for past 9 years! I always worked for huge clients and everyplace I worked, I was offered a full time job, but my immigration status prevented from taking those offers. My H1 sponsoring company have been benefitting all these years because of the broken

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images wallpaper 2010 john wayne gacy john wayne gacy clownpthoko07-17 02:00 PMDo you always get a NEW I-94 during auto revalidation or in some cases they allow to enter on the same I-94?? Do we have to tell them anything or do anything specifically to get a new I-94?? wallpaper john wayne gacy clown paintings, john wayne gacyalterego09-27 10:39 AMI wish Obama wins. His team has more clarity

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images Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and #39;Tom Cruise#39; and #39;supportingMacaca12-28 08:03 AMHouse Members Spent $20.3M on Mailings ( By DENNIS CONRAD | Associated Press, Dec 28, 2007 WASHINGTON -- U.S. House members spent $20.3 million in tax money last year to send constituents what's often

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images 2011 California Gold Rush gold rush california pictures. california gold rush images.
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  • alterego
    08-15 11:47 PM
    I found this interesting. Salaries for managers are becoming quite competitive in India apparently.
    Given that certain areas are especially hot in India compared to the rest of the economy and that gives you a relatively strong position and quality of life. It seems the gap between US and India is closing for people in certain fields faster than it is closing for the average joe.........for whom it will take generations at best. Perhaps we need to see that perspective.

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  • GoldenChariot
    12-17 01:30 PM
    My husband is in H1B visa and he transfered his visa to another company. Got the I-797 approvals too. Along with that mine and my kids H4 also got approved.

    Now I am urgently required to travel to India, and want to return from India without going for stamping. Here are other details.

    1) Even my previous H4 visa is not expired while I return from India.
    2) I have the new H4 approval notices and copy of husbands new H1s I797 with me.

    Will it be an issue if I reenter without stamping. Our plan is to go for Visa stamping to any nearby consulate in US border after I come back. Please advise.

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  • deba
    08-03 03:56 PM
    My situation is that Lawyer says I-485 appl. was hand delivered to INS at Nebraska on July 2nd morn. They had sent about 300 appls. July 2nd that way to avoid the change of dates fiasco etc.

    Now, his office says that INS has not given any receipt for the delivery or acceptance of the hand delivered packages and there is no way to get a receipt etc. until checks are cleared. Since there is no tracking # etc. from fedex we are in the dark about the acceptance situation. According to him none of the packets have been returned either.

    Is there anyone else in a similar situation?

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  • AJT
    07-06 10:41 PM
    Dear Core Team,

    Can you please indicate on the site if there are any bills (pending or otherwise in both the house and senate) that can get renewed focus or revived that would offer some sort of relief to the current situation of unavailability of visa numbers in the employment based green card process. I strongly feel that the current momentum and attention being drawn by the DOS/CIS update can be used to urge congress to pass some interim measure outside of CIR. That is where in my opinion should IV's focus be at this juncture. If and when you post anything on the site, i and other IV members i'm sure shall begin calling house reps. and senators to urge them for bringing the bill to the floor so that it provides relief to hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants.



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  • IN2US
    07-27 02:20 PM
    The new fee structure goes into effect Aug 17.
    I vaguely remember reading an anecdote that there is no need to pay yearly renewal fees in the new fee structure. (Am I right?) Please share your views.

    --- Not true, you have to renew your EAD/AP every year.

    Are there any advantages to filing per new fees?

    --- Oh yeah, you will be listed in 2007 Forbes List of "THE RICH" if you are able to afford the new fees structure :) and also ................that is it .

    take it easy :)

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  • California Gold Rush Era Unit

  • Liz
    06-28 11:31 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    My company is willing to sponsor me and I have a few questions regarding the occupation.

    I have no professional degree but I have 7 years experience as a general manager. My boss spoke to one attorney who said that I can be in EB-3 skilled worker but he (the attorney) is going to put that at least 5 years experience is required. The company that I have been working for is an export/import Asian food company (65 employees; $100 million revenue) so my boss is not going to hire someone who has only 2 years experience. The attorney also wants to put that a foreign language (Korean) is required as I will be responsible for making orders from Korea.

    On the other hand I went to a different lawyer who said that if I want to be in EB-3 skilled worker the 2 years experience is enough and if there will be a foreign language requirement, most likely my ETA9089 will be denied. Also, he mentioned that a GENERAL MANAGER requires at least a bachelor's degree (as stated in SWA OES).

    I would appreciate your input.

    Thank you.


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  • GKBest
    10-11 12:29 PM
    CALL USCIS and they will give you the correct receipt # since your check has been cashed.

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  • admin
    03-26 06:41 PM

    Sent you a PM.


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  • mna123
    12-18 02:12 PM
    Any one please reply ....

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  • senthil1
    06-02 09:07 PM
    Every week 100 to 200 new H1b applications were submited. If it goes in this rate H1b quota will last whole year. It is a good development,

    As of May 29, 2009, approximately 45,800 H-1B cap-subject ( and approximately 20,000 petitions qualifying for the advanced degree cap exemption had been filed. USCIS will continue to accept both cap-subject petitions and advanced degree petitions until a sufficient number of H-1B petitions have been received to reach the statutory limits, taking into account the fact that some of these petitions may be denied, revoked, or withdrawn.

    Since it is probable that there will still be H-1B ( numbers available after June 30, U.S. employers should submit H-1B petitions for potential workers as soon as possible.

    More... (


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  • go_guy123
    07-21 01:20 PM
    one lawyer whom I spoke with says it is still ok...basically they need senior applicants in their field who has done some supervisory work and can do managirial work..I don't know how much it is true.

    Yes its true. Since 2008 Canada has been tightening the skilled immigration rules and has now restricted to mainly educated or worked in Canada or few occupations only.
    Recently even Alberta has tightened the provincial program as well.

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  • immi_2006
    09-20 02:54 PM
    Did i say i wasn't Happy?


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  • maverick_s39
    07-20 12:00 PM
    Me and my wife filed H1B extension through a company. I moved to consulting after my extension is approved. The consulting company filed my H1B transfer which is approved recently. Unfortunately my employer (the consulting company I moved to) dint file for my wife's H4 extension and he told that was not needed.

    My question is can my wife with the petition approved from my previous employer to get her H4 stamped in India?

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  • ecidi
    December 8th, 2005, 07:17 AM
    I use Kata raincovers for my gear


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  • svr_76
    06-04 04:17 PM
    How to interpret this inventory doc? I am from india (EB3 PD Sep-2003) Should I sumup all the count prior to my PD to get the total number of cases before me (PD wise)?

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  • Tags: california gold rush

  • leoindiano
    02-23 01:51 PM
    my colleague had same problem. Employer is a big bank. He called USCIS customer service at Vermont and they said they can see it and they told him it is ok if he dont see it online. He was not sure, took infopass and they also said same thing. But, after infopass, a week after that it showed up online. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    calling vermont, its on IV wiki....Now, you got to find where that is on this website....


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  • nimb
    06-19 01:55 PM
    We did not send any original passports to NewYork consulate. Only notarized photocopies.

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  • tammman
    07-21 03:48 AM
    Hello IV Gurus,

    Below is my info and kindly let me know your thoughts

    My Current Status: H1B
    EAD start date: 1st Nov 2007 (Didnt start using it yet)
    Occupation Title: Computer Software Enginner
    OES Code: 15-1031

    New Position: Sales Consultant
    For the Sales consultant position the description is much more technical and macthes 50% with whats Computer Software Enginner.

    1. What are the immigration steps that need to be considered for the portability(AC21) ?

    2. If new corporation says we cannot do the portability because of say OES code or something else what are the options to still take the job ?

    Let me know !!

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  • h1bdude1
    04-21 08:25 AM
    I am married to GC holder who is becoming USC on April 30. so i am sending my AOS application on May 1. Dont you think i am still in status since my H1b extension petition is pending????


    Are you married to a USC? If so, you have nothing to worry about. Do not travel until your GC is approved as AP is not 100% safe for people that overstayed.

    08-16 02:38 PM
    I travelled via Frankfurt with a valid I-797 and without a current H1B visa stamp (was going to India for my 1st stamping) last year. I had confirmed with the German Counsulate in US that as long I have valid I-797 I don't need a transit visa.

    12-12 03:11 PM
    we applied for ap in octoer and the receipt date is oct 24.we have approved H1 .can we go to mexico and have stamping before the ap approves.please suggest me.

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  • lazycis
    10-18 05:39 PM
    Unfortunately that's how it usually works - dependants' NC is cleared quickly, but the primary applicant's NC is not. Dependants cannot get approvals ahead of the primary applicant. So the whole family is forced to pay for EAD and AP extensions. Talk about generating revenue...

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  • reno_john
    06-20 11:54 PM
    Mailed in June 1 EB2 concurrent to NSC but transferred to Texas
    Package received date June 4
    Receipt date : June 13
    Check cashed June 18

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  • eilsoe
    10-07 10:39 AM
    Notice the change in the eyes... :)

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  • spicy_guy
    09-26 09:07 PM
    I am trying to find health insurance for my spouse who is in H4 visa.

    Could you please let me know if I can buy the health insurance only for her? Is there some law which states H1B visa holder also needs to buy the health insurance along with the spouse?

    BTW, I am living in NJ.

    Appreciate, your inputs and pointers on this issue.


    You can, why not.

    BTW, doesn't your employer provide insurance that covers your family too?
    It sounds like its a desi consulting company... No offense. but just saying.


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  • arunkotte
    02-26 01:58 PM
    Discussion about Skil Bill

    Here is the article about Skill shortage

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  • apahilaj
    07-19 09:04 PM
    Dear all,

    I just realized that my lawyer forgot to mention A# in my 485 application. I have an approved I140 and the approval notice does have A# mentioned on it.

    Does any one in this forum know if I am in trouble? I have sent a copy of my I-140 approval notice in my application though.

    Any thoughts/experience?



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  • h1b6years
    04-28 01:26 AM
    Greeting everybody: I have been working for the same Company since 2002 first J1 then 6 years of H1-B expiring on July of this year (2009). Currently my employer is going thru the process for a Green Card with our Legal Firm and they proposed me an E Visa while the Green Card approval process is work in progress (I passed the DOL approval and I'm in the middle of the recruiting phase). I'd like to get a third party opinion if I can be granted a Green Card switching from H1-B to E Visa.
    Anyone familiar with this matter?

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  • gc_chahiye
    07-15 01:54 PM
    that is old stuff and also scary stuff for some people, even if old visas's are being recaptured, it was being done only for Schedule-A folks (nurses). So for all other EB categories where the only form of relief they are seeing is from possible recapture, if nurses take away those 200k (per Ombudsman its about 218K lost visas) then thats another big hope gone.


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  • Chintu2009
    02-09 01:36 PM
    I am on l2 since my husband is on L1. I work full time for a US employer with an EAD. Now, what would happen to my status if my husband quits his job?

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  • bayoubengal
    12-16 02:07 PM
    This is for EB2 row. and whats the visa bulletin's priority dates.?


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  • FireDrake101
    05-22 03:30 PM
    im not exactly sure what your asking.. tell me exactly what you want to know

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  • va_dude
    02-04 01:32 PM
    Hmmm... your attorney needs to spell out exactly what the risk is.

    Cross chargeability is a perfectly legal thing to do while applying for your green card. So as long as you have your papers in order, not sure what the problem is.

    Ask him for details and maybe you should get a consult with another good attorney who's getting paid by you (not your employer) to make sure you aren't getting ripped off.


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  • Kapils573
    05-21 10:11 AM
    I also have the same status. I think it has to do with finger printing when had filed for 485 during July 2007. My status is like that since Dec 2007 .Nothing has changed after that for me..

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  • India_USA
    09-09 08:15 AM
    Isn't this the same argument one of the members said regarding the 500 visas not allocated to EB3 India last year?


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  • number30
    06-29 03:51 PM
    I am currently using my EAD and working for a company remotely from my house. I also have a Permanent Resident Status in Canada. I can work remotely from Canada and my company will not have any objections to it.

    Since I am on 485/EAD can I work for a US company and be on their pay roll and live in Canada? What are the ramifications?

    Please advise!

    Once you are not in US It does not matter. But as for as EAD or H1 It does not matter. Same rules apply as any other country. You have to present in US to apply and get approval for AP.

    Taxes issues may be different.

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  • immi_2006
    09-20 11:06 AM
    desih1B appreciate your response


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  • kirupa
    11-05 10:58 PM
    Hi bouncer!
    You need a clientaccesspolicy.xml file that allows you to make accesses across domains:

    Kirupa :P

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  • ocean27
    11-20 09:58 AM
    excuse me if posting on wrong tread .

    I saw strange messg on my I-485 while checking the status what does this mean.

    Review of the fingerprints taken relating to this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS has been completed. Processing of this case continues. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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  • boldm28
    06-17 06:52 PM
    Hi ,
    I have a approved I 140 and had filed for my 1485 back in 2005 and till now have been working on h1 and regularly extending my EAD , and AP , now the firm( firm A) which actually filed my 485 petition has split ( A and B)and my case papers are with attorney A
    now come july 2007 , i file my wife's 485 that is filed by attorney B , now the situation is such i dont know who has my papers . I do have copies of filed 485 and approved I140 . I want to inform USCIS that all the correspondence not to be sent to Either A or B but to be sent directly to me , so How do i go about doing that , the only reason I ask this is so that i have more control over my case cause the above attorneys were picked by my company and not very forthcoming when talking to me , even though I am the one who paid for all the services

    PLEASE .. PLEASE Help me

    02-20 01:12 PM
    So TSC advanced by 1 week in 1 month or so ? I wonder how many cases they have appoved in the last month or so.

    06-02 11:25 AM
    This is interesting that he works in Tancredo's office . Its good that law is working to catch such racists.

    Another point to note is that this guy said the N word and all this happened. Lou Dobbs will lose his job the next day if he starts making comments against the African American community. These guys do not even dare go in that territory. We all know what happened to Don Imus. Now If you just replace 'Indians'/immigrants/H1B with the N word, all these anti-immigrant organizations, websites and anti-immigrants will find themselves in a very difficult situation with the law. Civil rights activists will also not let them continue their hatred.

    It is high time Indian Americans and immigrants start raising this issue actively and end such racism.

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    images The Dark Of The Moon prequel transformers dark of the moonjkays9407-10 02:02 AMLike UN said..wonder what we/they achieve with lawsuits,but we can expect a lot of digging into our cases during AOS... (lawsuiting/challenging is no good idea with USCIS/DOS,they will not budge even a mm,they r huge monster govt organizations,it is best to move with the flow and instead work on ideas of

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    Artwork by Mike Magnan

    Rank Name Title Country Rating Games B-Year
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    2 Ju, Wenjun wg CHN 2515 6 1991
    3 Harika, Dronavalli m IND 2513 12 1991
    4 Muzychuk, Mariya m UKR 2469 11 1992
    5 Bodnaruk, Anastasia m RUS 2431 11 1992
    6 Paikidze, Nazi wg GEO 2416 11 1993
    7 Savina, Anastasia wg RUS 2398 11 1992
    8 Tan, Zhongyi wg CHN 2396 15 1991
    9 Cori T., Deysi wg PER 2376 9 1993
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    12 Sukandar, Irine Kharisma wg INA 2366 34 1992
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    14 Padmini, Rout wg IND 2348 9 1994
    15 Soloviova, Liza wg UKR 2330 10 1993
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    images murder suspect Amanda Knox Amanda Knox (R), the U.S. student convicted of killing her British flatmatecatopa07-14 09:11 AMsend the damn letter, nothing happens, and then come back here and vent your frustration again. as you said, buddy, HARD LUCK indeed !! I cannot believe the nerve that you EB-3 India guys have. You are begging for a GC based on your length of wait!!! laughable at best

    frank mccourt and family

    images tattoo Dodgers Frank Mccourt house Ashes By: Frank McCourt228674306-27 08:57 PMHi All, I would like to know if i can file multiple 485s being primary on both ? Here is my current status ... 1. Company A sponsored my GC and the priority is Oct'03 (never worked for this company) 2. Company B sponsored GC (priority Nov'05). - Currently working for this company 3. Both are EB-3 4. Applied

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    AAI r8 Parimarjan Negi and Krishnan Sasikiran

    AAI Grandmaster Chess Tournament - Round Eight
    Caruana wins again, wonderful day for Indians

    New Delhi, June 30: Parimarjan Negi stopped his run of losses while Krishnan Sasikiran got back to his winning ways in what turned out to be good day for the Indian duo in the AAI Grandmasters Chess Tournament.

    Negi completed a comprehensive 27-move win over Wesley So of the Philippines while Sasikiran after draws in previous two games took just 30 moves following a Queen’s Indian opening for a full point against Czech Viktor Laznicka in the eighth round on Thursday. In the third game of the day Fabiano Caruana beat Hou Yifan to extend his lead to 1.5 points with two rounds to go.

    Caruana continues to be the only unbeaten player in the tournament scored his fifth win and with three other draws. With 6.5 points he is 1.5 points ahead of the second place Sasikiran, who has five points. Wesley So and Viktor Laznicka have four points each, Negi has 2.5 and Hou Yifan two.

    Replay the games with computer analysis

    “It was not really that easy because I took some risks today,” said Sasi. “At one point I offered a sacrifice which he need not have taken then but he did and it became a bit easier. Maybe the Kh1 (on 23rd move) from him was the mistake that helped me get to the win faster,” said Sasi, who with his 30-move win is now second place.

    Parimarjan Negi and Krishnan Sasikiran

    On his recent run with four wins and two draws in the last six rounds after starting with two losses, Sasikiran laughed and said, “Maybe the weather cooling down also helped me. I like playing in slightly cooler weather. There is two more games to go. As such before the tournament I was hoping to get to either plus three or plus four and I am right now plus two.” It was Sasi’s second win over Laznicka in the tournament as he had earlier beaten him in the third round.

    The 17-year-old Indian National champion Negi approached the round rather cautiously but was surprised to see his rival, Wesley, play the Petroff defence, something he had played only once before against a noted opponent, Alexei Shirov, last year. “It was a big surprise to see him use the Petroff, maybe he just wanted to play solid and also surprise. I thought I wouldn’t take any chances,” said Negi.

    But it was So who made the big error when he played Be7 on the 18th move and from there on the game turned decisively in Negi’s favour. It was thereafter only a matter of time as Negi won in just 27 moves. It was by far the quickest game in terms of moves and took less than three hours.

    Asked is the nightmarish part of the week is over, Negi smiled and said, “I don’t know whether the nightmare is over as there are two more rounds to go, but this win was certainly welcome. There is always some pressure when you play a tournament, but I feel I have not been able to convert my chances. If you notice I have had my chances in many games, but was not able to use that.”

    Negi and Sasi are both due to play Asian Team Chess in China next month and then the World Cup in Russia.

    Negi, who had drawn his third round with Wesley So before his run of losses began in the fourth round, now has 2.5 points from eight games.

    “It was a nice win. It is good to be 1.5 points ahead with two rounds to go, but no tournament is over till the last,” said the shy Caruana with a slight smile. He won in 46 moves from a Sicilian Najdorf.

    There are two more rounds to go in the 10-round Category-17 tournament, which comes to an end on Saturday.

    Points after eight rounds:
    6.5 points - Caruana
    5 - Sasikiran
    4 - Wesley So and Laznicka
    2.5 - Negi
    2 - Yifan

    Results of the eighth round: F Caruana beat H Yifan; Negi P beat W So; V Laznicka lost to K Sasikiran

    Draw for the Ninth round: V Laznicka v F Caruana; K Sasikiran v Negi P; W So v H Yifan

    Official website

    Le Quang Liem, the new #1 junior in the world

    Le Quang Liem, the new #1 junior in the world, will be at Texas Tech University this October to compete in the 2011 SPICE Cup A group. The top American junior on this list is GM Hess. He is unable to compete in the SPICE Cup due to his college schedule.

    Rank Name Title Country Rating Games B-Year
    1 Le, Quang Liem
    g VIE 2715 22 1991
    2 Caruana, Fabiano g ITA 2711 9 1992
    3 Giri, Anish g NED 2701 12 1994
    4 Yu, Yangyi g CHN 2672 33 1994
    5 Feller, Sebastien g FRA 2666 6 1991
    6 So, Wesley g PHI 2658 23 1993
    7 Ding, Liren g CHN 2654 15 1992
    8 Negi, Parimarjan g IND 2642 18 1993
    9 Matlakov, Maxim g RUS 2632 0 1991
    10 Sjugirov, Sanan g RUS 2629 0 1993
    11 Salgado Lopez, Ivan g ESP 2626 7 1991
    12 Safarli, Eltaj g AZE 2622 9 1992
    13 Kovalyov, Anton g ARG 2612 9 1992
    14 Hess, Robert L g USA 2609 13 1991
    15 Zherebukh, Yaroslav g UKR 2590 15 1993
    16 Nyzhnyk, Illya g UKR 2589 9 1996
    17 Shimanov, Aleksandr g RUS 2586 11 1992
    18 Nabaty, Tamir g ISR 2584 11 1991
    19 Hou, Yifan g CHN 2575 24 1994
    20 Cordova, Emilio g PER 2567 18 1991

    Special video from AAI in India

    A quick classic refresher

    White to move. How should white proceed?

    Women's chess tactic

    White to move. How should white proceed?


    credit cards numbers

    images Visa Credit Card Numbers credit Card Numbers,DSJ05-15 08:37 PMIf consultant companies are not suppose to body shop most of us will be jobless. Please look back how you came to this country in the past. Body shopping in not a new concept for H1-B, don't know why they are concered now. I do grasp the concept of consultancy, thanks. You know as well as I that we are not dealing with a '

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    images Pictures of Cute golden stock photo : Cute Goldenmita08-18 11:57 AMMy husband also got welcome e-mail mentioning about ADIT processing but when he received his card there was no information regarding ADIT processing, should we do anything about it? We have no clue, please help!!! Thanks, Mita I received the below emails on 8/15 - Current Status: Card production ordered on 8/16 - Current

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    images Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Gorgeous actress Blakesinghsa308-05 09:46 AMI don't think there is any point in continuing this discussions. He is right in his own way. You are right in your own way. He is concerned about porting across the categories. What you mentioned is the valid point but the affected person will still be able to port with in the category. Not just EB3 to EB2 port

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    images wallpaper The Golden Temple, golden temple wallpaper free download. 2010 Download Wallpaper (800 x
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  • hnordberg
    June 25th, 2005, 12:19 PM
    Yeah, the first one has a bit of haze that pulls down the saturation. The foreground is interesting and pretty. I would try bumping saturation and contrast in PS. And maybe increase the overall exposure.
    Also, is there a reason that you cut off the left of the bridge? I probably would have tried a horizontal shot too.

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  • psam
    09-13 07:30 PM
    Sorry for posting on this thread. But I do not know how to open a new thread. How does one do that?

    I am trying to get an appointment with US consulate in Vancouver with no luck for past 2 weeks. Checking multiple times a day doesnt help. Is there any particular time, I should look out for?

    Thanks for your response.

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  • moonrah
    07-20 11:17 PM
    Hi All,

    I have heard that alberta has terminated immigration program for H1B candidates, is it true? or It is still in progress? I am software engineer, am I eligible for that?

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  • pradeep721
    01-29 12:34 PM
    I am applying for my change of status from h1b to Green card based on immediate relative who is spouce and a US citizen.

    On the form 485 , to mentions the non traffic citations do I need to mention the following citation that I received last year.
    1) Summary charge - Citation for Fishing without Fishing License in State of PA
    2) Summary Charge - Citation for False statement to the park officer about possesion of the Fishing License.

    Do I need to mention these citation when filing for form 485 ? (150$ fine)
    Is this going to affect the Immigration application? (200$ fine)


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  • wait_2010
    08-18 04:21 PM
    Thanks Raj for the immediate reply.

    But just in case if I want to have all my I - 94s where can I get them. Just in case if I have missed them.


    I dont think you will need them . I am also filing premium 140 and lawyer has nOT asked for all I94s ..ONly the recent one..Dont worry much if you dont have all of them

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  • lecter
    July 21st, 2004, 08:45 PM
    one thing I found with my IXUS v3 is that the pre-flash sometimes fools you into thinking the shots done. I have not had a lot of success with P&S and moving indoor targets. Where this is an issue, I revert to some thumpers.
    Manual mode might be the only way........

    Looking for a Cratique [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : Looking for a Cratique


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  • jthomas
    05-31 01:48 AM

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  • patiently_waiting
    04-05 10:04 PM
    if you have copy of I-140 , it contains 13 digit receipt number (SRC, WAC etc..).

    Enter the number in USCIS case status to find out the latest update on the I-140 file @


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  • suntwin
    07-14 09:45 AM
    Hi Guys,

    A quick one. I have a HIb visa which is expiring on 9th of next month . I have never worked for that employer as things did'nt work out. I am currently in Australia and want to work as a contractor in US. I have already figured out who is going to transfer/sponsor my new H1.

    I am pretty sure that my employer would have cancelled my h1 which was allotted to me in 2007 quota.
    I have a tourist visa as well and i intend to goto US on that Visa and work out on the transfer of my H1 once i land there.

    Can i really do the above or am i getting too optimistic.
    Please reply soon as i have to make some really quick decisions.


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  • akbar
    04-03 04:02 PM
    No update on FBI name check meeting ? Ever Held ?


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  • sgorla
    06-21 03:28 PM
    Great. Thanks for sharing this info.
    Good luck!

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-30 09:40 PM
    This is a recent USCIS update announcing that any U.S. citizen seeking to adopt a Nepali child, whose case is not affected by the suspension of processing cases involving Nepali children claimed to have been found abandoned, should file the Form I-600 with the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu.

    This change in the filing location for the Form I-600 petitions applies to two groups of prospective adoptive parents who are not affected by the suspension. The first group is those who received a referral letter from the Government of Nepal�s Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare before Aug. 6, 2010, informing them of a proposed match of an abandoned child. The second group is those who seek to adopt Nepali children who were relinquished by known parent(s) and whose identity and relationship can be confirmed.

    USCIS strongly encourages prospective adoptive parents to follow this procedure for their own benefit, based on growing concerns about unreliable documents, irregularities in the methods used to identify children for adoption in Nepal, and the resulting difficulties in classifying those children as orphans under U.S. immigration law. Please see the Aug. 6, 2010 announcement online regarding the suspension.

    Read more here... ( D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    More... (


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  • GCKaMaara
    06-08 12:13 PM
    IV Advocacy Days Blog: Immigration Voice Advocacy Days ( Has Just Posted the Following: (
    More Situation room photos

    More... (

    Keep it up

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  • cooolvick
    08-14 03:23 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    Is it ok to recapture the old priority date which was in EB3 category in current I140 (EB2 category)?

    Will it affect the I140 approval anyways?



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  • Anil_s
    03-02 08:01 PM

    My H1B extension got approved in last December but my visa document is lost in post when my HR send to me(I have a copy of the same).Can you please advice how to get duplicate of the same and how much time it should take for the same

    Thank You,

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  • arnab221
    03-19 03:41 PM
    They said that they were hoping that they would be able to introduce something this month , but the refuse to confirm anything . They said that the bill was still being amended and refused to give any time frame .:mad:


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  • Pagal
    01-24 05:13 AM

    In general, AP is not related to employment (it is a conditional admittance aka parole into US boundaries till the conditions are resolved), so the PoE CBP should not ask about employment. However, as your husband has been away for a long time, the CBP officer may be curious to know why and what is the purpose of entering US after such a time lag.

    In such a scenario, your husband should have a strong reasoning as to why he is entering US. Some of such reasons are a) employment b) having immediate family in US or c) owning house/property that needs visitation.

    If your husband has one such reason, it may be helpful to gain entry into US, but pl do consult your lawyer...good luck

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  • anilsal
    11-11 10:27 AM

    Just the pict:


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  • sw33t
    07-28 10:32 AM
    Join the texas state chapter at

    10-19 10:38 AM
    If you can wait would be good. You won't believe my parents visa was rejected cause there was no visa stamp on my passport. So its all depend on visa officer how educated they are.
    Delhi consulate specially now a days following every rule + undefined rules. Good Luck

    07-26 11:43 AM
    I am not the art student.Just using online resources i was trying to build my skills.May be this is reflecting in my work now.So i have decided to quit from this competition.I am taking back all of my entries.