Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Just So In Love With Whatever Comes Free

I am such a complete cheap ass bitch. I mean, I totally adore free things and would totally buy something just because it has free another thing that attached to it.

Such as this Glamour Magazine which cost me £2, but they included a bottle of £10 Nails Inc polish for readers.

This £1.50 Sanitary Pad is totally awesome in this gifts, such as this Jemma Kidd Make Up School Lip Gloss which RRP is £10. Wasai, I love anything to do with free make-ups. That's why I have tons of Lip Gloss cuz every free products seems to be them -__-'''

This is another thing I got off the internet, Yorkshirt tea, cost me nothing as I just have to fill in some forms. The taste of good, or so I think, but anyway, its free, so no complaints there.

I know, you guys are kinda bored with all these posts but I just couldn't resist the temptation to show these lovelies to you. OK, I promise, the post after wouldn't be so boring.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Finally Found The Way

I am currently so so happy right now... Cuz I had found the way to replace words of text with pictures to link a website. Yipee... After days of trial and error and sleepless nights (ok, I'm kinda exaggerating here, but you get what I mean right??), finally, I'd manage to find the way to creative-land.

In order to prove what I had said, here you go... Just click on those logos and you'll be directed to them pages.

And thanks for this inspirational idea. Absolute loves...
Oh yeah, and am getting ready for the Christmas Party this Saturday. Although its a simple plain outfit, I don't I wanna bare too much skin this winter. Therefore, no low-cuts, no sleeveless.

Zimbabwe Struggles With Budget, Donors Want Reforms

HARARE (Reuters) - A lack of cash is likely to prevent Zimbabwe unveiling any major projects in its 2010 budget, but analysts say it could provide the impetus for the reforms needed to attract foreign aid to rebuild the economy.

Finance Minister Tendai Biti is due to present his 2010 budget on Wednesday -- the first full budget by the unity government formed 10 months ago to try to end a decade-long political and economic crisis in the southern African nation.

"This is a straightforward issue. The government is broke and is living hand to mouth," said veteran independent economist John Robertson.

"There is very little money for the pressing demands on the government and until they are able to get some massive help there is very little they will be able to do," he told Reuters.

"The positive side is that we may see greater movement towards reforms, more pressure to respect private property rights and an appreciation that the country needs massive international assistance and goodwill to realise its goals."

Zimbabwe is trying to reconstruct an economy that the government estimates contracted by nearly 50 percent from 2000-2008.

The global economic downturn and festering tensions in a ruling coalition between President Robert Mugabe and his arch rival, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, are not helping.

Biti -- a senior figure in Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) -- has promised a "growth oriented" budget, but the coffers are bare, and there is no sign of any significant aid on the horizon.

Three Americans Dead as Zimbabwe Plane Crashes in China

Three American crew members were killed when a Zimbabwe-registered cargo plane crashed and caught fire on take-off at Shanghai's Pudong airport.

The plane left the runway and crashed into a storage building, sending thick black smoke billowing across the scene.

State media reported the tail of the plane - which was en route to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek - struck the ground during take-off.

The four remaining crew members were taken to hospital.

China's official Xinhua news agency reported that one of the four was in a critical condition, with the other three said to be seriously injured.

The US embassy in China confirmed that the three dead were American citizens and said one of the injured crew was also American.

Shanghai television reported that the tail of the plane had broken into two or three parts, and that hundreds of firefighters were sent to the scene.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Random Body Affair Stuff

As I have not transfer any new photos from my phone/camera to the laptop, in the mean time, I'm showing you all these random pictures which I concluded that relates a lot to the grooming of my body.

I am totally in love with this nude colour from Nails Inc. And the name is pretty funky too, its call Elizabeth Street (I mean, what's that gotta do with some street in England?).

Anyway, I can't put them on all the time (as KFC forbids its workers to apply polishes) so, its just a way to boost my confidence a bit when I'm doing some shopping or outing.

Oh yeah, I'm using this abdo and cellulite slimming cream from Biotherm. Although I wouldn't say they make huge differences to my fat/figure/skin, but I do like the fact that its cooling and my pores really felt a bit tighter after application (I swear!!).

And I heard that Biotherm are quite good with their slimming creams if compared to other brands. And I do admit, they are indeed better than Loreal and Clarins (texture and after-application-feeling wise).

This is da bomb, and I repeat, the ultimate bomb. I can't really describe what kinda fragrance tone this Paris Hilton perfume has (because I suck at finding words for smell, not to mention elaborating them). But me and my girlfriends (yes, I introduce this fragrance to my friends and they fell in love with it at 1st spray and therefore, the 3 of us has a bottle of the same thing -__-''').

So here is just a tiny collection of what I have if compared to my massive products that I'm using everyday from head to toe. But really, if I start to blog all about them, I think all my readers would switch channel or maybe snore after going through 1/4 of it -__-'''

Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Could Say No To Nachos??

I always have this with the bf as a snack treat after dinner. It has become our favourite pencuci mulut (dessert) and tends to provoke further hunger.

Learned this simple snack from a friend's mother. She's totally awesome in cooking and this thingy requires just 4 steps.

1. Scatter Doritos of any brand onto a tray (aluminium foil lined).

2. Place a couple of dallop of salsa sauce (prefer it to be spicy salsa) on top of the Doritos.

3. Sprinkle a generous amount of shredded Cheddar Cheese of any brand.

4. Bake for 10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees celcius or until cheese melted.

I can sincerely tell you, I would never get tired of eating this over and over again. But because of the health danger and money saving consciousness kicking in, I advise you to not do this everyday (although I had this thrice a week -__-), I repeat, DO NOT EAT THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Britain's Brown Hopes Zimbabwe Can Rejoin Commonwealth

PORT OF SPAIN (Reuters) - Prime Minister Gordon Brown held out the prospect on Friday that Zimbabwe could be re-admitted to the Commonwealth in 2011 if it pushes ahead with reforms.

Zimbabwe withdrew from the Commonwealth in 2003 after the organisation renewed a suspension imposed a year earlier when veteran President Robert Mugabe won re-election in a poll some observers said was rigged.

In an article for the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, Brown said Zimbabwe's power-sharing government had chalked up achievements, including raising living standards and taming hyper-inflation.

But he said opponents of reform, both inside and outside Zimbabwe, would do everything possible to obstruct change.

The article was released in Trinidad and Tobago, where Brown is attending a summit of the Commonwealth, which groups 53 countries, mostly former British colonies.

"I sincerely hope that by the time of our next meeting in 2011, Zimbabwe will have made enough progress for us to welcome them back into the Commonwealth," Brown said.

Britain would channel 60 million pounds in aid to Zimbabwe this year and was ready to do more once the Zimbabwean government showed it was ready to implement a power-sharing agreement, he said.

"That means progress on reforms in security, justice and the economy -- including restructuring the central bank to improve management of the public finances -- and embracing a vibrant free press," Brown said.

"Political reform must include repeal of repressive legislation, an inclusive process leading to a revised constitution, and above all respect for human rights," Brown added

* Reuters

Institute Challenges Zimbabwe's Claim Marange Diamond Field Demilitarized

An institute in Mutare, Zimbabwe, has challenged a recent statement by Mines Minister Obert Mpofu saying the military is pulling out of the Marange diamond field in Manicaland province, scene of alleged grave human rights violations.

The Center for Research and Development in Mutare, capital of the eastern province bordering Mozambique, said it has carried out its own investigation and found the military is not pulling out of the rich Chiadzwa alluvial diamond field.

The government is under heavy pressure from the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme to put the field under the control of private partners and pull military units out of the area.

Harare has named several private partners, but companies including the Rapaport Group have said they will boycott Marange diamonds. And South Africa’s Old Mutual said it is reviewing a share stake in New Reclamation Group, which is among the companies Harare has invited into Marange.

Rights groups say more than 200 people have been slain in the Marange field by soldiers and police. A Kimberly Process team that visited the area concluded there were serious violations of human rights and extensive illegal trade in diamonds.

Director Farai Maguwu of the Center for Research and Development told VOA Studio 7 reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that soldiers have only left the claims being worked by Mbada Diamonds and Canadiles Investments, two Harare partners.

* VoA

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zanu-PF: Let's Prevent Repeat of Electoral Violence in Zimbabwe

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s political parties should act now to prevent recurrence of election violence that last year left at least 200 supporters of the then opposition MDC party dead, a senior official of President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF party said on Wednesday.

ZANU PF secretary for women’s affairs Oppah Muchinguri said: “I am worried about what happened last year. We have to put a safety net and make sure that the violence that happened last year does not happen again.”

Muchinguri, who was speaking at the launch in Harare of a gender report by the Women in Politics Support Network, said political parties should start campaigning against political violence now and not wait for election time.

Zimbabwe is expected to hold fresh elections either at the end of 2010 or in early 2011 once a new constitution is put in place and that is expected to pave way for free and fair polls.

But human rights groups say ZANU PF and members of the fiercely pro-Mugabe security forces are committing violence in some parts of the country to try and intimidate voters into backing a controversial draft constitution known as the Kariba draft as the basis of new constitution.

The Kariba draft was prepared by ZANU PF and MDC officials but critics say the document should be discarded because it leaves Mugabe’s immense powers untouched.

Unprecedented violence broke out across Zimbabwe last year immediately after it became clear Mugabe had lost a first round presidential vote to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai who, however, failed to achieve outright victory to avoid a second round run-off poll.

Human rights groups blame the violence on ZANU PF supporters and security forces who they say resorted to terror tactics to forestall what had looked a sure defeat for Mugabe in the decisive second round ballot.

However Tsvangirai pulled out of the second round vote because of attacks against his supporters.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai eventually bowed to pressure from southern African leaders to agree to form a government of national unity that has been able to end hyperinflation to stabilise the economy.

* Zimonline

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President Zuma Will Now Serve as Zimbabwe’s Mediator

President Jacob Zuma has taken over as the regional mediator in Zimbabwe’s political crisis. His predecessor, Thabo Mbeki, was mistrusted by Zimbabwe’s prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. Mr. Tsvangirai said he believed that Mr. Mbeki was biased in favor of President Robert Mugabe.

According to a statement from Mr. Zuma’s office, he appointed a new Zimbabwe team: Charles Nquakula, his political adviser; Mac Maharaj, his special envoy; and Lindiwe Zulu, his international relations adviser. The team will visit Zimbabwe soon and report back to Mr. Zuma, above.

Mr. Mugabe and Mr. Tsvangirai have been in a power-sharing government since February, but Mr. Mugabe and his party, ZANU-PF, have sent state security forces to arrest and jail rival politicians, human rights lawyers and civic leaders.

* NY Times

I Really Need To Sort Out My Make-ups..

I seriously have to revamp my make-up bag, or rather get a drawer for it or they'll just stack themselves up in my thermo bag (bought from Giant Hypermarket, Malaysia -__-''')

Seriously, how many types of foundation does a girl need?? I'm not so into buying blushers or eye-shadows, but still, they seem too many for just one gal to use.

Wait, there's more... Where are all those long, stick-like liners and mascaras?

Yeah, they are in my ex pencil case -__-''' They are certainly gonna burst open my case because when I buy make-ups, I tend to keep their boxes with them together. I know, waste of space, you might say, but its the boxes that made them look luxurious (-__-''' again)

I really have to find some time to like provide them with a better place and of course, snap some pictures to show you what I've got (although its nothing to shout about if compared to those Youtuber Make-up Pros). I never touch cosmetics products right up until I'm 22. Yup, that's naive me, believing that the natural beauty would conquer it all.

But you know, as I start to age (OMG!! I'm actually talking about aging now), my dark-eye circles tends to be so "luminous" that people might mistake me for a Panda. So, don't blame me about spending moolah $$$ on these items cuz I'm only starting to experiment with them (nah, that's just an excuse, all I want to do is to just flaunt how wealthy I am -__-''').

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gifts From Another Blogger

This is so so sweet of Shelbybaby to sent these little gestures to me, all the way to UK, which I was quite surprise to receive it. Thanks a lot darling.
And it totally made my day cuz I seldom receive gift/present/letter/package from the postman. Ah... Will there be any more surprises?? (Mum?? Dad?? Sis?? Yoong??)

Zimbabwe Parties Resume Talks to Resolve Impasse

HARARE (Xinhua) -- The three parties in Zimbabwe's Global Political Agreement on Monday started negotiations to iron out differences which have created deep chasms within the country's inclusive government, in line with a SADC resolution passed in Maputo, Mozambique on Nov. 5.

Negotiations went well into the evening, with none of the chief negotiators shedding light on what was going on behind doors, according to the state controlled Herald newspaper.

There is an agreement that the media should not have a blow by blow account of the discussions, as this would be tantamount to negotiating in public.

President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF is represented by Patrick Chinamasa and Nicholas Goche, while Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC is represented by Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma.

Welshman Ncube and Priscillah Misihairabwi-Mushonga represent Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara's smaller MDC faction.

Talks had been scheduled to begin by Nov. 20 as per the resolution of the summit of the SADC troika on politics, defense and security that they should start within 15 days, but the negotiators failed to achieve this, citing other pressing government commitments.

The troika was flexible, however, giving room that negotiations should not start later than 30 days from the date of the resolution.

The GPA, signed on Sept. 15 2008 after a serious political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe and the absence of a clear winner in that year's general elections, resulted in the formation of the inclusive government in February.

Under the agreement, Mugabe retained his post while Tsvangirai became prime minister and Mutambara became deputy prime minister.

However, Tsvangirai on Oct. 16 announced his party's partial withdrawal from the government, citing unfulfilled promises by Mugabe's Zanu-PF, and prompting the SADC to hold a troika summit.

Among other issues, Tsvangirai's party wants the appointments of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana reversed.

It also wants Mugabe to swear into office its treasurer Roy Bennett as deputy minister of agriculture, mechanization and irrigation development. Mugabe has said he will not swear Bennett into office until he is cleared of the terrorism, insurgency and banditry charges he is facing in the courts of law.

Together with Mutambara's smaller MDC faction, Tsvangirai also wants the appointment of provincial governors to be done on the basis of which party prevailed in the provinces during the March 2008 harmonized elections.

Zanu-PF has declared that the appointments of Gono, Tomana and provincial governors are non-issues in the GPA, although it has softened a bit on provincial governors, saying negotiators could reach an agreement on these.

On its part, Zanu-PF wants Tsvangirai's party to make an unequivocal call for the removal of economic and travel sanctions on its members, as per its promise in the GPA. While the international community has maintained that the sanctions are targeted, ordinary Zimbabweans have felt their pinch over the years.

MDC-T also argues that it has no capacity to have the sanctions removed, adding that the onus is on Zanu-PF to satisfy the international community's expectations in the area of good governance.

Among the issues Zanu-PF regards as outstanding are the setting up of a National Economic Council, the constitution-making process and a land audit, which it says are constrained by lack of funds "and the rather crowded agenda."

The party also wants radio broadcasts beaming into Zimbabwe from beyond its borders to be stopped. The broadcasts are generally anti-Zanu-PF, even though some party officials have granted interviews to the radio stations.

In its argument on the radio stations, Tsvangirai's party is calling for the opening up of the media landscape to allow other players to compete with the national broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. It also says it does not own or support any radio station

Zimbabwean Women Win Obama Award

US President Barack Obama has given a global human rights award to the leaders of a Zimbabwean women's rights group, Women of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza).

Mr Obama presented Magodonga Mahlangu and Jenni Williams with this year's Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Award.

At the White House ceremony, he praised Woza's non-violent resistance against oppression and the government of Robert Mugabe whom he called "a dictator".

"He even gave us a kiss. He said: 'You deserve a kiss,'" Ms Williams said.

"It was just the most incredible moment in my life," she told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

“ They often don't get far before being confronted by President Mugabe's riot police ”

US President Barack Obama

"In Zimbabwe we are enemies of the state, we've been arrested over 30 times, one magistrate called us 'incorrigible unrepentant criminals', but there we were in the White House lifting the human rights award."

Woza has organised more than 100 demonstrations in favour of democracy and women's rights in Zimbabwe since it was formed in December 2002.

"They often don't get far before being confronted by President Mugabe's riot police," Mr Obama said.

"By her example, Magodonga has shown the women of Woza and the people of Zimbabwe that they can undermine their oppressors' power with their own power - that they can sap a dictator's strength with their own.

"Each time they see Magodonga beaten back - beaten black and blue during one protest - only to get right back up and lead another, singing freedom songs at the top of her lungs in full view of security forces, the threat of a policeman's baton loses some of its power," he said.

Ms Mahlangu told the BBC the struggle had been worth it "because the world is seeing and other fellow Zimbabweans see that they are not alone".

Story from BBC NEWS:

Zimbabwe Parties on Possible Gono's Exit Deal

THE partial immunity from prosecution granted to the Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono through amendments to the Reserve Bank Reform Bill "is a safe exit strategy" for a man under immense pressure to throw in the towel, political analysts said last week.

Parliament passed the Bill after it was amended to include a clause that gives partial immunity to Gono or any employee of the bank "for anything done in good faith and without negligence under the powers conferred by this Act".

Earlier in the week, Zanu PF MPs had threatened to block the Bill because they felt it was "targeted at an individual rather than an office".

But the analysts said by agreeing to a clause that gives immunity to Gono, Zanu PF had, in a way, endorsed calls for the central bank chief to make way for fresh ideas.

They said Zanu PF can no longer bear with the pressure from both MDC and the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) on the resolution of the outstanding issues to the power-sharing agreement with the MDC factions.

The MDC-T has been pushing for the removal of Gono from the RBZ accusing him of destroying the economy through quasi-fiscal policies and recklessly funding Zanu PF programmes.

A Sadc ministerial team that assessed the implementation of power-sharing agreement between Zanu PF and the two MDC formations recommended that Gono should be reassigned to save the shaky coalition from collapse.

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Eldred Masunungure said the immunity granted to Gono was to pave way for "a soft landing" for the troubled RBZ chief.

Masunungure said the fact that the immunity came through an amendment gives credence to speculation that Gono might soon be reassigned.

"This is meant to pave a way for soft landing and a trouble-free exit from the central bank," Masunungure said.

"It's a golden handshake for him and he will soon be reassigned to a politically invisible job where he will start a new life without being haunted by prospects of being prosecuted."

Another UZ science lecturer, John Makumbe agreed but described the immunity as a "costly" golden handshake.

Makumbe blasted the MDC formations for making such a "concession" saying it was an insult to Zimbabweans who suffered at the hands of Gono's poor quasi-fiscal policies.

"It's dangerous to give immunity to a person who destroyed our economy propping up Zanu PF," Makumbe said.

"I am furious about it. The MDC has no authority to grant anyone immunity."

After granting immunity to Gono, said Makumbe, it will be a contradiction to prosecute all those fingered in a recent audit by the Comptroller and Auditor-General Mildred Chiri.

* Standard

Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Not Meant To Be Ours

Yeah, I was planning to get this

as a Christmas present for the boyfriend but there were so many obstacle along the way (sim card and networking contributed the most of the problems) that the idea of getting it seems to be a dream now.

I was even armed the exact amount of money (£350) and was standing outside the Apply store discussing with Yoong about whether to get it or not, but eventually, after weeks of planning and saving, the iphone now turns to just a fantasy of bubbles.

Maybe I'm not meant to get anything that starts with an "i"

Argh, can't describe how I'm feeling right now. Why is there such a strong disappointing feeling growing inside me that seems to wanna explode?? Maybe my PMS is coming??


It really could lead people to mental problems or maybe die of agony.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Way To Cure Blocked Nose

The wee nasal spray

And the decongestant tablet.
And I couldn't bring myself to use them yet, cuz I am like so "kiam" (stingy) [£5 for these 2 thingy] and scared of any side effects. But I still need to take them anyhow or it would be a waste of money.
Dear reader (whoever you are), I can't publish any shopping/items bought post yet because I haven't done any specific shopping lately as I need to save some moolah to buy my BF's Christmas present (which would cost me a whole lotta fortune).
But fret not, after Christmas, I would definitely shop till I drop cuz that's when all shops would have major discounts and sales (50%-80%), and that's when I'll be a mad woman and search high and low for the best bargain.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stupid Stupid Rain

Bloody rain, come at the wrong day, spoil all my plans for shopping!!! I wanna go OOOOUUUTTT!!!!!

Sunshine when I'm working and rain when I'm at home, F*** my Bl**dy Life!!!

Longing for some clear bright day. I have yet to visit the Christmas Market and THE SHOP to buy some presents and clothings.

Its a SATURDAY!!! Why am I at home?? Tasketeh... Tolong-tolong...救命啊... Kao Meng Ah...Help!!!

**going bonkers**

Friday, November 20, 2009

What I Am Downloading Now!!??

Japanese Magazines Online. The BEST thing about having internet nowadays (yes, and I do mean in this century, not when the time of big old slow mou computers running on DOS somethingy) is that you can have all of the information you want at your finger tips.

And its just a few clicks away and you get to save some moolah on magazines which you could download it at the convenience in your home.

And the stupid website doesn't provide any free online movies anymore... Baka!!! Now I can't watch new movies online... Speak about saving money -__-'''

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zimbabwe Withdraws Troops From Diamond Fields

Zimbabwe has started withdrawing soldiers from diamond fields in the east of the country after recommendations by the Kimberly Process and criticism over rights abuses, state media reported today. The government deployed soldiers at the poorly secured diamond fields in Marange last year to seal off the area and clamp down on illegal mining, but rights activists say this resulted in serious rights abuses by the army.

A meeting in Namibia early this month of the Kimberly Process which regulates the global diamond trade, voted to allow Zimbabwe to continue mining and trading in diamonds but gave it six months to improve conditions in Marange. "As is evident at these (Marange) fields, there are no army officers or police details," Mines Minister Obert Mpofu was quoted as saying by the state-controlled Herald newspaper during a tour of Marange by government ministers yesterday.

The government, through its mining arm - Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, is mining diamonds in Marange in a joint venture with two little-known South African companies, Core Mining and Grandwell Holdings. Mpofu said there was still room for more foreign investors to prospect for diamonds in Marange and across Zimbabwe. "I want to urge all investors interested in diamond mining or other mining activities to come to Zimbabwe and work with the government," he said.

In September, Mpofu said the government would insist on a 50% shareholding in all diamond mining ventures, but it is unclear what stake the government holds in the Marange venture. Mpofu is consulting industry officials on an eagerly awaited mining bill which investors had hoped would scrap the requirement for foreign mines to sell majority shares to locals.

Murowa mine in central Zimbabwe, majority owned by Rio Tinto, is the country's largest diamond mine while the privately run River Ranch mine is the second biggest. - Reuters

Xenophobia: PASSOP Launches Appeal For Relief Funds

Dear Friends of PASSOP,

As a result of xenophobic violence that broke out in De Doorns, Western Cape earlier this week, over 2,500 foreign nationals have been displaced from their homes. They have been temporarily resettled at a camp that lacks sufficient food, water, sanitation, and shelter. This type of environment can create a breeding ground for human rights abuses if not properly monitored. PASSOP has launched an emergency appeal for donations to support our efforts in addressing this crisis, which include:

• Maintaining a presence in the community and are working towards setting up a satellite office there to coordinate the site monitoring;

• Engaging the press in a media advocacy campaign to raise awareness of the issue (see links below); and

• Organizing a concerted effort among various civil society groups to coordinate the fair delivery of humanitarian aid to the displaced.

If you would like to donate to support these efforts, please see our banking details below. Any amount you can give would be very much appreciated. If you do choose to donate, please be so kind as to send us a confirmation of your donation (including name, email address, phone number, and address) to

Banking Details


Bank: Nedbank

Country: South Africa

Branch: Rondebosch , Number 104809

Account #: 1048074730

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the PASSOP Office at 0217624638 or Gill Charles at 0835360242.

Thank you,


Xenophobia Crisis at De Doorns in Western Cape, South Africa

The GZF South Africa chapter National Co-ordinator, Ms Nora Tapiwa will conduct a fact finding visit to the Xenophobia crisis farming area of De Doorns in Western Cape on Saturday 21st November 2009.
Her cell number is 079 138 3896.
The GZF Cape Town city chapter Committee will also have a meeting at the Golden Acre mall along Adderly street on Saturday mid day.
Concerned members of the public are also welcome to attend the meeting.
The GZF will issue a public statement on the way forward in the next few days.
Issued at Cape Town on Thursday 19th November 2009
Mr. Daniel Molokele

International Co-ordinator

Global Zimbabwe Forum

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bee Hoon Kuey, My Favourite

Well, cheap cheap ingredients but just need some effort in making the dough and tearing them out and making them as flat as possible. But still, its the usual batter ingredients with a small bowl of flour, an egg, pinch of salt, shake of pepper and some water. Knead till you get a firm but yet soft texture (like noodles).

As for the sauce, mix some soy sauce, dark soy sauce, half teaspoon of sugar and shake of pepper with a dash of sesame oil. Mix some chilli oil (with fried chilli bits inside) and you get the extra kick for the spicy tooth (its actually sweet tooth, but you know -__-''')

Deep fry some anchovies and boil the bean sprout and the dough pieces. Mix everything up and there you go, a not-so-authentic but still Malaysian Bee Hoon Kuey. I shoulda boil some soup with pork ball in it. Then it would be a perfect winter dish!!!
Am suppose to go for a Job Aptittude Test Session (mock one!!) organized by the university, but since I'm feeling low in energy and my bones/muscles/tendons are about to scattered all over the place (can you believe it that my body's been aching since the day I'd clean the house - last Sunday) plus the lazy bug in me, so, am skipping this session and continue with my webbing (yeah, surfing the internet has a new name, call webbing, say Hi to Mr. Webbing -__-''')

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Can Like Save Half A Year Of Liquid Detergent

This came by the other day and I was so passionate and enthusiastic in opening the package (thinking about some presents or something)...

And here's what I got... BOLD liquid detergent...Cheh... Then only I'd remember that I had enter a competition to win this whole bottle of laundry detergent and happy enough ^__^, I guess I am lucky in some sort of way!!!

(Aiya, you have to know that I never once win in any lucky draw or lotto or 4D or any other gambling thingy. I guess God wants me to earn money fair and square -__-''')

Tadaaa... Nice packaging and all (lately I found myself attracted to the colour purple) and since I'm washing my clothes like once per week ((wei, don't look at me like that!!!! Its only 2 person's clothes and I'm wearing working uniform all the time, so not much laundry to do)) so I could save up to half a year's detergent...

**dancing around, la la la la..**

And it smells great too with quite powerful washing solution (I have to hypnotize myself and convince myself that this is a very valuable and high-class soap -__-''')

Total savings?? ~£5

Pre-Congress Nomination Process Highlights Rivalries in Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF

Divisions in Zimbabwe's former ruling ZANU-PF party were revealed on the weekend as Masvingo province refused to nominate Vice President Joyce Mujuru for the post of party vice president, which she must retain if she is to continue as national vice president.

The Masvingo party structure instead backed Manicaland Governor Oppah Muchinguri.

Analysts said Muchinguri’s nomination reflected Masvingo’s alignment with Defense Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose faction is vying for dominance with Mujuru’s.

Mujuru needs the support of one more province to reach the required six nominations.

Current ZANU-PF Chairman John Nkomo was well on track to claim the other vice presidency as he also has five nominations at this date.

Not surprisingly, all 10 ZANU-PF provinces have nominated President Robert Mugabe to continue as president of the party.

Nominations for the post of party chairman - which most assume will need to be filled if and when Nkomo is elevated to vice president - have been scattered among Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi, Mines Minister Obert Mpofu, Ambassador to South Africa Simon Khaya Moyo and ZANU-PF Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa.

ZANU-PF House Whip Joram Gumbo told VOA Studio 7 reporter Chris Gande that the nomination process shows that ZANU-PF is a truly democratic party.

But Joy Mabenge, democracy and governance manager at the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for Zimbabwe in Johannesburg, said the scramble for top positions within ZANU-PF shows rather that the party is increasingly deeply divided.

* VoA

Tsvangirai Meets MDC-T, ZANU PF Negotiators

HARARE – Prime Minister (PM) Morgan Tsvangirai on Monday met negotiators from his MDC-T and President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF party as he pushes for a speedy resolution of a power-sharing dispute threatening Zimbabwe’s coalition government.

Tsvangirai’s spokesman James Maridadi told ZimOnline that negotiators from Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara’s MDC-M party did not attend the meeting with the PM due to other pressing commitments.

“They met and discussed the urgency of business at hand. Because other negotiators were not available due to other pressing issues, the PM has taken it upon himself to brief them,” said Maridadi.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC)’s special organ on defence and politics earlier this month gave the Zimbabwean parties two weeks to open up negotiations to resolve outstanding issues from last year’s power-sharing agreement or global political agreement (GPA) that gave birth to the coalition government.

Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara met last Friday but apparently decided to task their party officials to thrash out possible solutions to differences rocking the unity government.

However the Zimbabwean parties look set to miss the SADC deadline given on November 6 as they are yet to begin serious talks to tackle differences that saw Tsvangirai and his party temporarily boycott Cabinet meetings and only agreeing to end the protest action after intervention of regional leaders.

The outstanding issues holding back Zimbabwe’s coalition government include Mugabe’s refusal to rescind his unilateral appointment of two of his top allies to head Zimbabwe’s central bank and the attorney general’s office.

Mugabe has also refused to swear in Tsvangirai ally Roy Bennett as deputy agriculture minister while the MDC-T is also unhappy by what it says is selective application of the law to target its activists and officials.

On the other hand Mugabe, who insists that he has met all his obligations under the GPA, accuses the MDC-T of not living up to a promise to lead a campaign for lifting of Western sanctions against the veteran Zimbabwean leader and members of his inner circle. – ZimOnline

Tourists Return to Zimbabwe as Economy Recovers

JOHANNESBURG — The number of tourists visiting Zimbabwe this year has more than tripled, a trade official said Monday as entrepreneurs tried to lure investors to the troubled southern African country.

Emmanuel Fundira, president of the Zimbabwe Council of Tourism, said at an investment conference in neighboring South Africa that a unity government formed in February has brought political and economic stability. But full recovery is very much linked to the success of the new government, which many fear is on the brink of collapse.

Zimbabwe has a wealth of minerals and natural attractions and was once the region's breadbasket. Many blame its economic meltdown on President Robert Mugabe's land policy under which thousands of white-owned commercial farms were seized in 2000. Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, also is accused of undermining democracy.

Mugabe was forced into the coalition with longtime opposition leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai after elections last year that were inconclusive and marred by violence blamed on Mugabe's supporters.

Tourism received a boost when a number of Western countries lifted warnings against traveling to Zimbabwe after the unity government was formed. Zimbabwe is also hoping to benefit from the football World Cup to be held next year in neighboring South Africa.

Fundira said 362,000 people had visited the country by August compared to 100,000 visitors the year before.

A decade ago, Zimbabwe earned $250 million in revenue from tourism, Fundira said. This dropped to $40 million in 2005 but has risen to $100 million since the unity government was formed.

"The economy has got so much potential but political stability is extremely key," Fundira said.

* AP

Monday, November 16, 2009

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