Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outspoken ANCYL President Malema to Visit Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE - HARARE - AFRICAN Natuional Congress Youth League president Julius Malema, who is expected in Zimbabwe on Friday, will meet President Mugabe to get an appreciation of the country’s indigenisation and empowerment drive.

According to a provisional programme released by the Zanu-PF Youth League yesterday, Malema will meet a number of party leaders and address a rally in Harare on Saturday.

Zanu-PF Youth League deputy national spokesperson Cecilia Chivhunga said: “Malema will be accompanied by the league’s deputy secretary general Steven Ngobeni, treasurer-general Pule Mabe and committee members Floyd Shivarubu, Kenetswe Mosenogi, Clifford Motsepe, Abner Mosaase, Palesa Notsi and Maropene Ntuli.

“This visit constitutes part of the strengthening of relations with former liberation movements and will provide both the Zanu-PF and ANC youth leagues a platform on building a better Africa and how to empower people.

“The platform will also be used to share ideas on the land redistribution programme, how Zimbabwe and South Africa can benefit from their mining resources, youth empowerment and improving education standards for the young,” she said.

Chivhunga said the visit would also be used to raise awareness of South Africa’s hosting of the World Festival of the Youths and Students in December this year.

“We have also arranged for Malema and his delegation to meet Politburo members Absolom Sikhosana (youth affairs) Stan Mudenge (external relations), Didymus Mutasa (administration) before paying a courtesy call on Harare Metropolitan Governor and Resident Minister David Karimanzira.

Malema will also meet the Zanu-PF national political commissar Webster Shamu and Saviour Kasukuwere (secretary for indigenisation) before addressing a rally where we are expecting more than 5 000 youths,” she said.

Chivhunga said Malema will visit a house that used to accommodate the ANC in Avondale, which was bombed during the apartheid era, and the National Heroes Acre.

In a statement the ANC added: “The visit will also incorporate the ANC Youth League’s study tour programme of visiting countries that have succeeded or failed with nationalisation of and greater State participation in sectors of their economies.

“The study tours will proceed to China, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil and Cuba.” Malema is a strong proponent of nationalisation of South Africa’s mining, agricultural and economic sector.

* Zim Daily

South African Facilitators in Zimbabwe Press for Power-Sharing Report by Deadline

The facilitators were waiting to receive a report from negotiators of the three Zimbabwe power-sharing parties on implementation of the Global Political Agreement and said they had no official word of a hitch in the timetable

A South African facilitation team that returned to Zimbabwe this week to push for a successful conclusion to talks in Harare's power-sharing government brushed off reports saying President Robert Mugabe and other ZANU-PF officials want to defer agreements made earlier this month under South African mediation until Western sanctions have been lifted.

The facilitators were waiting to receive a report from negotiators of the three Zimbabwe power-sharing parties on implementation of the Global Political Agreement and said they had no official word of a hitch in the timetable for the report to be handed over by Wednesday.

Mr. Zuma said on concluding his visit that a "package of measures" had been agreed through his mediation.

The state-run Herald newspaper has quoted ZANU-PF’s chief negotiator, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, as declaring that the negotiators had reached no agreements with Mr Zuma during a two-day mediation exercise in mid-March on behalf of the Southern African Development Community.

The newspaper, regarded as a ZANU-PF mouthpiece, later reported that Mr. Mugabe had made similar comments to the ZANU-PF central committee.

Mr. Mugabe was said to have insisted ZANU-PF would not put in place agreements with the Movement for Democratic Change until Western sanctions have been lifted."The sanctions must go first!," the pro-ZANU-PF Herald quoted Mr. Mugabe as saying.

South African facilitation team member Lindiwe Zulu told VOA Studio 7 reporter Blessing Zulu that she and her colleagues still hope to keep to the schedule.

Harare-based political analyst Charles Mangongera said ZANU-PF wants to test Mr. Zuma's resolve.

The talks were supposed to have ended Monday with a report going to Mr. Zuma by Wednesday for forwarding to Mozambican President Armando Guebuza, current chairman of the Southern African Development Community's troika on politics and security.

But sources privy to the talks say progress has been slowed by technical issues having to do with elections, security reforms, cabinet rules and a controversial audit of national farm lands following land reform.

However, party negotiators are said to have agreed the replacement of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono and the appointment of senator Roy Bennett to a portfolio other than agriculture.

ZANU-PF negotiators were said to be under intense pressure from party hardliners demanding they back away from commitments made earlier this month through the mediation of Mr. Zuma.

* VoA

AfriForum Attaches Luxury Property of Zimbabwe in Cape Town

The civil rights initiative, AfriForum, today instructed the Sheriff of Cape Town to attach a luxury property of the Zimbabwean government, at 28 Salisbury Road, Cape Town, on behalf of Zimbabwean farmers.

This follows after a legal battle spanning several months, undertaken by AfriForum on behalf of farmers in Zimbabwe, which forms part of AfriForum’s civil sanction campaign against Zimbabwe.

In November 2008, the SADC Tribunal ruled in favour of Mr Michael Campbell and 78 other Zimbabwean farmers that the Zimbabwean Government’s land reform programme was racist and unlawful. In his reaction to this, Pres Robert Mugabe described the ruling as “nonsense and of no consequence” to Zimbabwe. The tribunal followed up its ruling with a contempt ruling and costs order in June 2009.

On 26 February 2010, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria registered these rulings in South Africa. They are now rulings of a South African court and as such the cost order is a judgement that can be executed locally.

In 2009 AfriForum also launched a very successful campaign when it became known that an international dairy company was purchasing milk from a farm that had been confiscated by the Mugabe-regime and transferred to Pres Mugabe’s wife, Ms Grace Mugabe. International pressure lead to a decision by the dairy company not to purchase milk from the said farm.

Mr Louis Fick (the first applicant in the current legal process) is a South African citizen, farming on Friedawil in the Chinhoyi-district. His farm was earmarked for land redistribution and he was effectively chased off his land last year. At the moment, Mr Fick is standing trial on criminal charges that he “failed to co-operate with the Zimbabwean land reform programme”. If found guilty, he faces a sentence of two years in a Zimbabwean jail. Mr Fick could not join today’s process, as he is on Friedawil to try and recover his remaining personal movable assets from the homestead, after the home had been burgled and looted.

Last year when it became known that the South African Government was on the verge of entering a bilateral investment agreement that would exclude South African farmers from protection, AfriForum assisted Mr Fick in an attempt to obtain an interdict against the signing of such a discriminating treaty.

The matter was settled, and the South African Government recommitted itself to the protection of South African farmers, as well as to the upholding of the already mentioned SADC Tribunal’s ruling.

AfriForum regards it as our duty to hold the South African government to these commitments. More particulars of future legal and civil action will be announced in due course.

* The Eye

South African Facilitators Back In Zimbabwe As Power-Sharing Parties Miss Deadline

Facilitation team member Lindiwe Zulu, a foreign policy adviser to Mr. Zuma, told VOA that her team was in the Zimbabwean capital to take delivery of a report by party negotiators detailing results of power-sharing talks.

A South African facilitation team was back in Zimbabwe Monday to resume work with negotiators for ZANU-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change on resolving differences over power-sharing amid concerns the talks may not reach a successful conclusion by the deadline set by South African President Jacob Zuma.

Facilitation team member Lindiwe Zulu, a foreign policy adviser to Mr. Zuma, told VOA that her team was in the Zimbabwean capital to take delivery of a report by party negotiators detailing the results of the talks. If there are unresolved issues, her team will press for results that are “acceptable” to Mr. Zuma, she said.

Sources said chances of a breakthrough appeared slim despite Mr. Zuma’s announcement earlier this month that the parties had agreed a "package of measures" that could be on rapidly implemented to resolve outstanding issues. But last week President Robert Mugabe seemed to be disavowing the Zuma-brokered agreement.

Reached by VOA, Economic Planning Minister Elton Mangoma, a negotiator for the MDC formation led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, declined to comment on the status of the talks, as did Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga of the rival MDC formation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.

But Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, top negotiator for Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party, told Reuters that the parties had failed to meet President Zuma's March 29 deadline after marathon meetings, and would continue their discussions on Tuesday.

Political analyst Immanuel Hlabangana told VOA Studio 7 reporter Ntungamili Nkomo that despite such setbacks, President Zuma would eventually obtain binding concessions from ZANU-PF.

Zimbabwean non-governmental organizations, meanwhile, sought a meeting with Mr. Zuma in his capacity Southern African Development Community mediator to voice their concerns over an upsurge in violence and suggest ways to stop the trend.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Chairman Macdonald Lewanika said civil society feels the unity government is unable to provide protection against such violence, so civic leaders must appeal to President Zuma.

Activists say incidents of violence have been on the rise along with arbitrary arrests of members of the MDC, trade unionists, artists and rights activists.

Lewanika told VOA Studio 7 reporter Patience Rusere that it is in Mr. Zuma’s interest to take concrete action to curb political violence with the World Cup of Football coming up fast in South Africa.

* VoA

Zimbabwe Artist in Court After Controversial Exhibit

Owen Maseko's painting of the 1987 Unity Accord between Robert Mugabe (ZANU) and Joshua Nkomo (ZAPU) which brought the ZANU-PF party into existence. The painting shows a bloodied Nkomo bending over the accord, while Mugabe is the other individual seated at the table.

Zimbabwe artist Owen Maseko was in court in Bulawayo after the government shut down his art exhibit exploring violence blamed on President Robert Mugabe.

Owen Maseko's exhibition at the national art gallery in Bulawayo focuses on an uprising that was crushed in western Matabeleland after Zimbabwe's independence in 1980. Thousands of civilians were massacred by members of the Shona tribe trained by North Korea and loyal to Robert Mugabe.

The most striking image shows the late Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe signing an accord leading to a unity government. In the painting Nkomo is slumped across the table, blood dripping from his shoulders. Behind the two leaders is a line of men all wearing dark glasses, whom many presume are members of the Central Intelligence Organization.

Joshua Nkomo and Mr. Mugabe helped lead the guerrilla war against white rule in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.

Maseko's exhibit was supposed to run through April, but last Friday Maseko was arrested and police blacked out the gallery windows and covered the murals with newspapers.

Maseko is charged with inciting violence, undermining Mr. Mugabe's name, and demeaning Mr. Mugabe's tribe, the Shonas. The charges carry a prison sentence or fines.

Lawyers acting for Maskeo applied for bail at the Bulwayo Magistrate's Court and judgment will be delivered Tuesday. Meanwhile, the artist remains in detention.

Many people in Zimbabwe, particularly in the past 10 years, have been jailed or fined for allegedly insulting Mr. Mugabe.

Last week, photographer Okay Machisa was arrested shortly before his exhibition of photographs of political violence in the 2008 elections opened at a gallery in Harare. Although he was released, all of his photographs were seized by police.

* VoA

Monday, March 29, 2010

MDC-T Lashes Out at Mugabe Over 'Somersault'

Mdc-T has described President Robert Mugabe's claims that the three political parties in the unity agreement have not reached an agreement as a "gobsmacking political somersault" which will not be tolerated.

Mugabe told a Zanu PF central committee meeting on Friday that Zanu PF was still insisting that it would not compromise in the current talks over outstanding Global Political Agreement (GPA) issues until sanctions imposed by the West were removed.

His outbursts were at variance with comments by the mediator South African President Jacob Zuma that the parties had agreed to a package of measures during his intervention a fortnight ago.

The negotiators met on Thursday and Friday and are expected to round off the talks tomorrow. A report will be presented to Zuma before the Southern African Development Community considers a way forward.

MDC-T spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa said his party was shocked by Mugabe who said Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono and Attorney General Johannes Tomana were not going anywhere.

Mugabe also said there was no deal on the appointment of provincial governors and the status of MDC-T deputy agriculture minister-designate, Roy Bennett.

Relevant Links

Southern Africa


"We are shocked," said Chamisa. "We don't know the source of this. It's a Zanu PF political somersault and we don't know the motivation for this. It's revisionism."

He said an agreement had been reached that Gono and Tomana vacate their offices.

There was also an agreement on the re-appointment of provincial governors among other issues, he said.

"We are gobsmacked by the pronouncements from Zanu PF about the lack of progress in the talks when we were of the understanding and view that we are about to conclude all issues," said Chamisa.

He added, "If they are not politicking, it means we will be going back to President Jacob Zuma (South African President) for arbitration."

* Zimbabwe Standard

South Africa’s Malema to Hold Rallies in Zimbabwe, Herald Says

(Bloomberg) -- Julius Malema, leader of the youth wing of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress, will visit Zimbabwe this week to hold political rallies, the Herald reported, citing Indigenization Minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

The trip will “strengthen relations” between Zimbabwe and South Africa, the Harare-based newspaper said. Malema will also meet with members of President Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, it said.

Malema has been criticized by some South Africans for repeatedly singing a song that calls for whites to be killed. He is also an advocate of nationalizing South Africa’s mining industry. In Zimbabwe, the government is attempting to implement a law calling for foreign-owned miners to hand over 51 percent of their businesses to black Zimbabweans.

To contact the reporter on this story: Brian Latham in Durban at blatham@bloomberg.net.

Zimbabwe Police Shut Second Art Exhibit on Violence

HARARE, Zimbabwe — An attorney says police in Zimbabwe have shut down an art exhibit exploring violence blamed on President Robert Mugabe.

Artist Owen Maseko collected family photos of missing people, images of mine shafts where bodies were believed dumped and reports on an armed uprising after independence in 1980 in the western Matabeleland district that was crushed by troops loyal to Mugabe. Thousands of civilians were massacred in the fighting.

Attorney Kucaca Phulu said Monday that Maseko, his client, spent the weekend in jail on incitement charges after police shut down the exhibit in Bulawayo Saturday. Maseko was seeking bail Monday.

On Wednesday, police in Harare forced a human rights group to abandon a photo exhibit on political violence blamed on Mugabe's supporters.

* AP

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday To Me And Bye Bye UK

I'm taking tonight's flight at 11pm back to Malaysia. OMG!!!

I'm half excited and half overwhelmed with the feeling of lost and lonely. A bit confused.

But anyway, I'd packed, my luggage as well as my heart, and leaving on the jet plane tonight. Wish me Bon Voyage and may my relationship with YOONG stay strong and may our relationship blossom too...

Oh yeah, yesterday was my birthday, I forgot to wish myself. Happy 25th Birthday Cindy!! ^__^

And yup, I received tons of presents of the boyfriend and myself ;p which 100% consists of makeup -__-'''

I really am addicted to these colourful tools. And I'd say "Bring it on!!! Mama's waiting!!!". That's how much I love my make ups now.

And thanks to all who wished me Happy Birthday. I really really appreciate it. Love you guys.

And to all my readers/subscribers, thank you so so much for everything (leaving comments and reading my posts). You made me what I am today, Cindy The Energetic And Persevere!! Love you guys too!! Muacks...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Face Of The Day: Alice In Wonderland Palette


Face: ELF Highlighter and Concealer
         N7 Balance Intelligence Mousse
         Max Factor 220 Classic Rose
         Clinique Highlighter and Bronzer


Eyes: ELF Eye Primer
         Alice in Wonderland Palette
         (can't remember what colours I used, but if I'm not mistaken is the white, light grey, blue and black)
         Loreal Liquid Super Liner Carbon Gloss
         Ebay false eyelashes

Lips: Nars Lip Stain and Lip Gloss Duo

I just realized that whenever I wear falsies, my eyelids would magically transform to double eyelids. Super happy. But its only temporary :(

Tomorrow's the big day. Just can't believe that its actually my birthday tomorrow. I'm looking forward to using all of my birthday presents (yup, I know what are they) and the apparent "surprise" would definitely make my day.

I love filming videos... But I just hated editing them as well as uploading them onto Youtube. They are just too time consuming and totally troublesome.

An advanced happy birthday to me!!! **lalala**    

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Is How My Nail Polish Looks Like

After 1 1/2 weeks, using Barry M Nail Polish on my toe nail.

After 1 1/2 days, using the same nail polish on my finger nails.


This is to show you how hardworking I am doing household chores causing my nail polish to chipped and ripped off after applying it only for 36 hours. I mean, I totally wash the plates and scrub them clean. I really need to work hard and earn more moolah to get a maid to do the household work for me.

I wanna be a "shao nai nai" (rich young lady of the family).

No Progress Yet in Latest Zimbabwe Talks

Talks to iron out differences between Zimbabwe's feuding parties have begun in Harare, but there has apparently been no progress. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says the parties agreed last week on a range of issues and says Zanu-PF is now back-tracking.

President Jacob Zuma said the parties have agreed to a package of measures, a statement that gave a desperate nation hope. Zuma's mediation efforts were broadly welcomed and it was hoped the deal would give impetus to easing European and American sanctions.

Zanu-PF however says there will not be concessions to opposition parties until sanctions are lifted. The party’s chief spokesperson Rugare Gumbo says the decision not to grant concessions was confirmed by their political bureau.

Responding to the situation, the MDC accused Zanu-PF of negotiating in bad faith. MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa says Zanu-PF should pronounce to the whole world that they changed their initial position. A report to the facilitator has to be forwarded by March 31 as the nation waits anxiously to see what this round of talks will yield.


Zimbabwe Police Action Stops Human Rights Exhibit

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) -- A Zimbabwean rights group says they're abandoning a photo exhibit that documented human rights violations after fresh attempts by police to shut it down.

ZimRights official Cynthia Manjoro says police returned to the downtown gallery Wednesday evening after the show's opening to demand the photos. She says police also visited the group's office Thursday when they discovered the photos were no longer at the gallery. Police first seized the 65 photos on Tuesday but returned them just minutes before the show was scheduled to open.

The photos depicted political violence and torture blamed mainly on state agents and police since 2007.

Manjoro says organizers have taken the photos to an undisclosed location. The exhibit was slated to run for 10 days.

© 2010 The Associated Press.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another 5 more days

and I'll be turning 25. Sounds so old to me. Its like, "Auntie ah, you have wrinkles liao, do you wanna buy this anti-aging cream or not?", coming my way -__-'''

I'd got my presents. The boyfriend is totally efficient in buying the treasures that I'd wanted a long time ago (alright, maybe not so long time ago, just few weeks ago). And of course, to eliminate the need of wasting money on some surprise gifts that I dislike, I choose all those presents myself, with him taking out his credit card to swipe.

Thanks Osh Osh!!

But this time, I'm not that looking forward to my birthday. Because day after that, I'm returning to Malaysia and leaving UK :-( And yup, I really can't bear to leave him alone here in UK. We really have to get loads of things sorted out before getting seperated for 3 years.

Damn!!! 3 years seems to be such a long time...

Monday, March 22, 2010

~ My Milkshake Brings All The Boy To The Yard ~

Lately, me and Yoong just can't stop singing this song. Especially the Amanda (from Ugly Betty Series)' s version of the song, the scene just totally stuck into our heads. Hilarious!!!

There's a coffee shop by the name of Jen's Cafe which situated near our house has this milkshake bar thing where they sell hundred types (or so they claimed) of flavours for your choice of milkshake.

Of course, the sweet tooth devil in me unleashed its power and has been nagging me ever since to give it a try. And thus, on a sunny afternoon we went...

Yup, those are the flavours and you could see so many types of candies and chocolate hanging in each compartment respectively. This is what I call Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (or maybe not -__-'')

We asked for Lion Bar + Fruit Salad + Blue Millions + Whip Cream and Haribu. Both taste milky and sweet. I much preferred the Lion something milkshake. Just hated the small bits of candy chews inside the Haribu. Yup, I absolutely hated gummy bear ever since I was a kid.

The master of milkshake.



That's me studying my notes before going to my job. Doing homework before even start working.


Can't really concentrate when people around me are talking though.

So, tell me, what's your favourite flavour milkshake?? Where did you get it??

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sign That Shows You Are No More Working There


Is to throw all the uniform into a bag and bin it, like you are not looking back anymore..

Its kinda sad that I'm going to part with both of my jobs (both KFC and admin officer job) and the people there. Although there are annoying or sad memories there, but its the fond memories that churn up the "I don't wanna leave here" feeling embedded inside me (I was quite surprise by this frankly speaking).

Packing my luggage. Sorting out things. My 2 years and 7 months life here isn't something to be taken lightly and thus, the need for Yoong to help me send back my things through parcel. Somethings just aren't meant for throwing. Oh dear, I wonder how am I going to cramp all my stuff into a 30kg luggage...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Malaysian Night, The People

Yeah, we did had a fun night out where Yoong get meet so many of his friends. My friends weren't there though, some busy working and most of them back home.

Here are those pics, (no elaboration because I really don't know how to..)

So hope that you enjoyed them. Well, there will be more interesting post next time. Currently packing my things. Its so sad to have to pack all my stuff (after staying here for 2 and a half years) and not to mention I have tons of things to bring back. Maybe one at a time...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Food At Malaysian Night

A friend had asked me, why do I always take pictures of food that I'd made or ate, what is so interesting in keeping pictures of them, what's the purpose of them??

I told him that, I love to keep track of what I had put inside my mouth and tummy, its like to store a memory of these delicious (or awful) tasting goodies that its just too precious to just swallow and digest and make them into waste. I want to have a virtual vision of them so that I could eat/cook them again.

And don't you think that sometimes, food are like art. You can be imaginative and have fun with them, or maybe when you savour each and every bite of the delicacies, not only your palette has been enriched, but your satisfaction of knowing such wonderful food actually exist in this world.

So enough of those crap talk and get on with the food shall we??

The food that was served that night:
Kuih Lapis (Malaysian savoury snack) and vegetable spring roll
Nasi Lemak (Fragrant coconut rice with spicy sauce) with curry prawns and chicken
Banoffee Pie (haven't got a clue why did we get this as dessert as this doesn't really represents Malaysia)

All in all, the food was alright. Many compliments on the Nasi lemak though. Its not wonderfully delicious and the oommpphh is there and very much similar to the ones that we get in Malaysia. Love the curry prawns and chicken. If only there's a shop that sells these in Belfast, I would patronize that place every week

**Imaginary scene**
**"Makcik, kasi Nasi Lemak, Besar portion, tambah kuah kari banyak and air bandung satu!!"**
** Translation = (Aunty, give me a Nasi Lemak, big portion please, and add more curry into the dish, and one glass of syrup drink!!)**

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Analyst Says Zuma Missed an Opportunity to Resolve Zimbabwe Impasse

A political analyst says South African President Jacob Zuma did not put enough pressure to ensure President Robert Mugabe resolves the ongoing stalemate in Zimbabwe’s coalition government.

Rejoice Ngwenya said President Zuma missed a great opportunity to resolve the ongoing crisis as he ends a three-day official visit to Zimbabwe Thursday.

“Frankly speaking, President Zuma has been very disappointing because he has given too many excuses why Mr. Robert Mugabe should not be called upon to account on reneging on the agreement. And really we feel that he lacks the depth to be able to deal with Mugabe’s political chicanery… and I don’t think he is going to move Mugabe much,” He said.

Mr. Zuma is backed by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to resolve the Zimbabwe crisis after years of sharp disagreements between President Mugabe’s ZANU-PF and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party recently boycotted cabinet meetings after accusing President Mugabe of refusing to fully implement the Global Political Agreement that led to the formation of the unity government.

Ngwenya said President Zuma should have been tougher on the partners in the coalition government.

“We want him to be firm with both parties. We know that the issue of sanctions even if it is a so-called contentious issue is beyond MDC’s control. Now, we also know that the aspect of the agreement to freedom in the media the violation of human rights and so forth are only associated with ZANU-PF and Mugabe. He (Zuma) hasn’t mentioned that (and) our feeling is that he hasn’t been firm enough with Robert Mugabe,” Ngwenya said.

Zimbabwe media reported both Mr. Mugabe and Mr. Tsvangirai were positive after meeting separately with President Zuma.

Ngwenya said there is need for reforms that would ensure credible elections in the future.

“The caveat is that unless the electoral playing field has been leveled; the freedom of association, criminal codification and all the other elements that had been impediments to the people of Zimbabwe expressing themselves in the ballot box, the talk of elections is just another myth,” Ngwenya said.

During his recent official visit to the United Kingdom, Mr. Zuma asked Britain and other international donors to lift the sanctions against Zimbabwe contending that the sanctions against President Mugabe’s regime are suffocating the unity government.

* VoA