Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Almost-Happen Accident Caused by Me o_O

I was walking along the side walk, looking intently at my MP3, wondering what songs should I choose to play when I felt a stare.

It was those weird feeling where you get goosebumps all over when a pair of eyes just stare at you.

I looked up, and saw a guy of his late twenties (quite good looking I must add) crossing the road to my side walk, looking at me intently.

I wasn't really annoyed at 1st but when I thought that he would look away if I look up, damn was I wrong!! He didn't look away.

So he was crossing the road and staring at me at the same time. I don't wanna be a chicken and then I look back at him.

Then I saw a van coming towards the man, and of course, with HIS EYES ON ME, he was oblivious to the surroundings and did not notice the van driving towards him.

And then I thought to myself, "He's gonna get knocked down by the car!"

And then a loud SHCREEEE (tires stopping abruptly if you are wondering what the hell was that suppose to mean) and a HORN, the van abruptly break in front of the guy.

The man stop just in time within inches from the van (don't ask me how I knew that, cuz I saw that the van was exactly on the spot where the man had stood).

He friend was laughing when he rush towards him to aid him.

I laugh to myself silently.

I always thought that accidents caused by looking at pretty woman would only occur in movies or commercials. Little did I know that THIS WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO ME ^_^

The moral of the story?? Don't ever stare at pretty woman (or just woman) when you are on the road!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks Mum for the ESTEE LAUDER MAKEUP SET!!!!

I am so in love with this set. Of course, the "Free" factor plays a major role in me loving it. And its from my mum. I was really shock to see this baby.

A story lies within this gift set as well...**Customers could buy this set for rm200 ($200), whereby its original price is rm1800 ($900), if they spent more than rm200 ($100) on a single Estee Lauder receipt.**

The inital plan was that I wanted to buy Estee Lauder's products worth $100 for my mum (be it perfume or skincare product) and pay another $100 to buy the gift set for myself (as you know, I love love makeup). And coincidently, my mum was thinking about the same thing too (with some advice from the dad ^_^) and bought them.


I'd say... We really do think alike.

The gift set contains:
A 18 eyeshadows palette
A 4 blushes palette
4 Lipsticks
2 Lipglosses
3 eyeliner pencils
A makeup remover
A 4 piece brush set
A mirror
A cosmetic pouch
A large carrier bag

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Need to Start Loving Myself

Love your best feature. Instead of focusing on the body part you hate, why not emphasize the one that you love? If you hate your nose but love your lips, why not experiment with bright and bold lip colors to show them off? Same with your body – if you love one body part more than the rest, emphasize them and dress them up.

Ban all negative body talk. Make it a point to you and your group of friends to ban negative body talk – whether it’s complaining about your weight or gossiping about someone else – both are as horrible as each other and I recommend to stop it! Anytime you or someone else even starts, don’t worry about coming across rude – just tell them to stop.

Accept people of all sizes. Never make comments about other people’s size! Just like eye colors and heights, people come in different shapes and sizes. Learn to accept it and stop judging others or yourself. If everyone looked the same this planet would be extremely boring, don’t you think?

Stop comparing yourself to others. You will always find someone who has better curves, is thinner, is taller… Stop it! This obsessive comparison is the same as worrying: gives you something to do, but nothing comes out of it: It is completely useless. You will always find someone in life who is older and ahead of whatever you are pursuing, so this obsession is not only useless, it will also never end. Concentrate on ending all envy, jealously and comparison to others now.

Treat yourself with respect as you would others. You wouldn’t go up to someone and accuse them of being anorexic, or call them fat, would you? Why would you call yourself that, then? Don’t you respect yourself just as much?

Put down the magazines and unrealistic images if you cannot handle it. You really don’t need that crap - the images end up setting unachievable standards, because they are not even real! Luckily, most magazines are starting to accept – and celebrate – all shapes and sizes.

Be thankful. So you like to complain about your fat belly? Why not be thankful you are privileged enough to have food in your stomach every night? Hate your ‘flabby’ arms? Why not be thankful that you actually have arms, while other people our age around the world may lose them in the war?

Find a role model. Look at Scarlett Johanssen, considered to be one of the hottest women in the world – is she a size 0? Hell no! And who cares? She looks great, just the way she is and she embraces it! And so should you.

Build your self esteem. One of the best things you can do is learn to accept and love yourself – because you are unique, and should celebrate that instead of hiding it.

Source: Beauty fool

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is About Time That I Start to Set My Priorities Right?

I know that I'm a makeup fanatic. More of an addiction I would put it. As far as I'm concerned, makeups makes me happy, makes me feel whole, makes me feel elevated, and anything that's gotta do with makeups just turns me on.

I know, pretty weird you'd say. Why am I spending hundreds and thousands of my hard earned moolah on something that could only add colour to my face and not satisfying my entire body?

To me, looking at my stash of makeups is just like doing 30 minutes of yoga, I always refresh, peaceful and happy. Its like, I've found my inner self and feel absolutely revitalize -__-''' But its the very truth!!! They kept me going on and on with my daily life and I always felt calm and serene after touching them...

Therefore, when people start asking me questions like "Does your makeup put food to your table?" "Do you think that by spending so much money on makeups is justifiable while people out there are earning a paltry sum to have just enough for a day's meal?" "Do you really need 16 different colours of blushes to get you through adversity?" "Do you think that by spending so much time and money on makeup would make you become rich and successful?"

Well, all these questions makes me go "Mmmm....." and the answer is a resounding "NO"

But of course, the other side of me goes to argue that "I need them because they make me happy and when I am happy, I felt that this life is so much more worth living in.." True, true, that's what's in my mind. I always feel that happiness is the utmost important thing that a human should try and grab/find/achieve.

But of course, when the amount of makeup in my drawers are growing steadily to a staggering amount (I mean, come on, who needs 17 lipsticks when I hardly even slap on 1), I try to budge from my stubborn ground of "I need more makeups!!" and face the fact that "GOD, I HAVE TOO MUCH MAKEUP BUT NOT ENOUGH OF CLOTHES".

Seriously, I seem to be rotating my clothes ever so often that my family and friends teased me about it. And when I open my wardrobe, I was in quite a shock state. Gasp!! Where have all my clothes gone?

Oh wait, I know!! I threw 70% of them away while I was on the run from UK to Japan and back to Malaysia. And... I threw 0% of my makeup. -__-'''

Alright, and so the transition mode begins:


So, I'm going to do my money delegation wisely right now.

20% of my salary ---> rental and bills
20% of my salary ---> savings
20% of my salary ---> parents
20% of my salary ---> food and grocery
10% of my salary ---> clothes
5% of my salary ---> miscellaneous
Last 5% of my salary ---> makeup

And I really doubt that I would have the leftover 5%. No wait, I don't think that 5% is even enough to buy a lipstick from Lancome. T__T

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Botswana's Khama Calls for an End to Zimbabwe Sanctions

Pretoria — South Africa and Botswana have reiterated their call for sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by Europe and America to be lifted with immediate effect.

"It is based on the belief that the sanctions, as I have raised the matter with the Southern African Development Community (SADC), are hindering that country's progress. Hence we are calling for those who have imposed sanctions to lift them," President Jacob Zuma said, following a meeting with his Botswana counterpart Ian Khama.

Botswana's position

On Tuesday, Khama said Zimbabwe needed to be given a chance to "heal" and the sanctions were not helping that process.

"I was one of the people who were skeptical in the beginning...but the sanctions as it were are now starting to be a hinderance and we have to call on those imposing them to reconsider their position because the situation is better in Zimbabwe," he said.

Situation in Zimbabwe has changed

Both leaders conceded that Zimbabwe's instability was a potential barrier to the region's socio-economic development championed by SADC. While the sanctions were probably "justified" in the past, it was now incumbent of the countries to lift the sanctions adding that the situation in that country had since changed since the establishment of the government of national unity, they said.

In 2008, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai agreed to a power sharing deal that would end that country's decades-long economic and political instability. The deal, brokered by the then SADC mediator, former President Thabo Mbeki, was to allow for the drafting of the new constitution followed by fresh elections.

My Favourite Scent for Work at the Moment

I had been always intrigued by the name of this perfume. Flora.... Mmmm..... How florally could it be?? Could it be that all sorts of flowers are added into this tiny bottle?? If so, wouldn't Jasmine and Lavender and Lily collide with each other and cause smell confusion???

By judging from the brand that debut this perfume, I sincerely erase my doubts as who would ever question the quality of product made by Gucci...

Enough said, here's some pictures:

  • top notes of citrus mandarin accords and peony
  • heart notes of rose and osmanthus flower
  • base notes of pink pepper and sandalwood

Oh well, what do ya know, none of the flowers that I'd mentioned acted as a character in this perfume, speak about being close-minded. On me, the scent was quite subtle but longevity wise was excellent (and I do sweat a lot, mind you). I just love how the hint of sweetness comes through all the florally notes and the best thing of all is that it is not overpowering at all, which makes it suitable as a work scent.

So people, if you don't mind paying the extra, go ahead and purchase a bottle. I've been converted ^_^

Monday, October 4, 2010

Zimbabwe Urged to Explore Diaspora Remittances

Harare — Zimbabwe should exploit remittances of its people living and working outside the country to enhance their contribution to the economic recovery, renowned labour economist Dr Godfrey Kanyenze has said.
Dr Kanyenze made the remark in his presentation at the Just Business conference last week organised by the US Embassy and the American Business Association of Zimbabwe to promote trade between the US and Zimbabwe.
This economy is now on course to recovery, but faces the biggest constraint in the form of lack of funding to finance recapitalisation of the manufacturing industry, agriculture and mining and infrastructure development. The economy requires an estimated US$8 billion to recover.
Dr Kanyenze said the country could turn the "brain drain" that occurred over the last decade of economic instability into a "brain gain" since between 3 million and 4 million Zimbabweans are living and working outside the country.
This comes amid strong signs that the country could benefit immensely from remittances by its people working in foreign countries considering that sub-Saharan Africa received a total of US$20 billion with half that going to Nigeria.
Global remittance flows have increased from US$101,6 billion in 1995 to US$328 billion by 2008 after a 15 percent increase between 2007 and 2008.
Potential for Zimbabwe, said Dr Kanyenze, to tape into diaspora remittances for economic development was huge as the United Nations Development Programme estimates show the country received US$1,4 billion last year.
Over the years experts have given varying figures of potential remittances from the diaspora. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe estimated remittances through formal channels at US$47 million in 2007.
Dr Kanyenze said to effectively tape into the potential remittances there was need to ensure confidence and trust among people working abroad, ensure democratic reforms, economic recovery, give voting rights to the diaspora to foster attachment to home country and allow dual citizenship.
He said apart from a migration and development policy framework the country should adopt a legal and institutional framework to co-ordinate migration and issues related to people living and working outside Zimbabwe.
"The migration and development unit in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion should be appropriately capacitated and located in such a manner that it can effectively coordinate the activities of other government ministries and departments with a stake in migration and Diaspora issue," said Dr Kanyenze.
He said there was need to leverage remittance flows for development by addressing data issues such as recording systems, ensuring remittance through formal channels, creating diaspora bonds at attractive rates and promoting home town associations to facilitate investment flows.
This could be achieved through measures to attract back skills by offering duty free customs privileges on entry, assisting with costs of repatriation and reintegration, offering incentives such as remittance allowances.
In addition, Government could reach out to people living and working outside through development oriented organisations such as the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Chamber of South Africa, the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface and the Global Zimbabwe Forum.
Zimbabwe could execute its strategy by targeting countries with a high concentration of Zimbabweans and also pursue bilateral and multilateral initiative to protect the rights of Zimbabweans living and working abroad.
Potential for remittances is high since an estimated 2,1 million Zimbabweans live and work in South Africa, 500 000 in the United Kingdom, 300 000 in Botswana, 50 000 in the US and Canada while and 20 000 are believed to be earning a living working in Australia and New Zealand.
Countries such as Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Turkey have used remittances to securitise cheaper long-term finance.

The World Bank estimates the Philippines was last year able to achieve a stable current account surplus despite a decline in exports when the country raised an estimated US$750 million despite the global financial crisis.

MDC Leader Tsvangirai to Step Down

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is relinquishing his position as president of the larger faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) next year in line with the party's original constitution that allows an incumbent to hold office for a maximum of two five-year terms.
Zimbabwe's PM Tsvangirai threatens to boycott  elections
According to the The Financial Gazette, MDC-T has since passed a resolution to the effect that the movement's third congress - where a new leader would be elected - would only be held after the holding of presidential elections, which both the premier and President Robert Mugabe said would be held next year.

What it means is that the MDC-T leader could be forced to relinquish his party post but still continue to lead government should he win the presidential ballot.

The Prime Minister is said to have confided in some members of his so-called "kitchen cabinet" that even if he loses the next election in which the MDC-T leader is likely to face President Mugabe, who has all but secured his party's endorsement to carry the ZANU-PF flag in the presidential poll, he would still step down.

In what clearly confirms the two bitter rivals' availability at the next polls, Tsvangirai, aged 58, recently told party faithful that a pact had been reached with the ZANU-PF leader not to challenge the other's victory in the upcoming election.

Tsvangirai's exit from active politics is likely to spark intense jockeying among senior MDC-T officials eyeing the position, the report added.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Like really, how lazy can someone get?? Just with a simple stroke of the applicator and you get the pattern on your nails as shown above. Brilliant!!! Gone are the days of squinting your eyes and trembling fingers, here comes the saviour of our lives. Thanks Barry M, you are our new super hero!!!

Purchase it here ==> Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Unfortunately, the website does not offer international shipping. Gotta phone the boy to pick one up for me. **Dialling his number with anticipation**