Saturday, February 28, 2009


Sorry for the really untidy arrangement of applications in my blog. This is due to some technical prob :P

That's the only way I could get to access other blogger's blog and read my stats as if I shift them down, they will just vanish... Bare with me k??

Online Surveys

As you've know that I'm currently waiting for my UK Visa, which in the mean time, I'm not entitle to work any part time, and thus sitting at home doing nothing for almost 8 weeks, so I've to start ways to make money at home.

My pathetic bank account is so gonna drained dry that I'd stop buying clothings T__T, banned myself from buying bags and shoes T__T T__T, and literally forbid myself to even go window shopping (as I would surely get a thing or 2)....

Therefore, am searching ways to work from home. I know, its hard, and not many websites are trusted or maybe a scam (I've hit the bird shit before -_- as I got myself stupidly conned into a scam saying that I could make big money -_-) .

After testing out several websites, I found out that some websites could still be trusted and thus am introducing them to you.

This is pureprofile users would be invited to complete some surveys and earn small money from them (hey, you think they would give you RM5 for some question they asked you, don't dream lah...hehe)... But at least its better than nothing.

Shameless to say, I've only earn 90 pence... -_- ... not enough to buy Snicker bar summore.

Then here's another website, its call Toluna

Pai seh ya..All the website that I intro here is from UK... Cuz I'm in UK have to earn UK money loh... Anyway, Toluna isn't giving away cash, they give you points to do some polling and you get to redeem points for voucher from several online sites such as amazon.

I only got 17000 points T_T.... To redeem amazon voucher of 10 pounds, I need 60000 points...
Holy crap... That's when I become old lady only can reach it unless I dedicate 10 full hours to complete all surveys lah...

The other one is YouGov Its almost the same as Pureprofile where you get invitation to complete a survey.. Actually, I think it depends on your luck whether you get many surveys or not...

Fingers crossed that I'll get my TIER 1 back and I promise not to lose my temper again on my blog... But umm...could you be lenient on my swearing?? I need'em -_-!!!

Anyway, if you have other ideas of earning money online or by other means, please let me know (I want the legal ones k?? Don't frame me into some sort of scam or something or I'll kick your A**...)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ways to Keep Cool

As you had clearly notice from my previous entry, I had been like a valcano, errupting ever so suddenly and "passionately", using all sorts of foul words that my mum would frown and disapprove of...

In order to make myself calm down, I've tried all sorts of ways, and luckily they worked... Thus the calm and cool me now -_- (hopefully this will last for a few days).

There are several ways to make my temper subside which I force myself to comply (eehh...its very hard lah...especially when I'm in the midst of it)....

Ways to becoming a calmer you (or rather, me!!):

1. Kenny G songs... No, I don't mean youusing your last breath of energy blowing the saxaphone. Its listening to his songs... Its like really really soothing and it seems to have a magical sense of calming effect coming from the instrument. As one of the member of woodwind family, the music blown out really could be mind-blowing (okay, a vague pun intended).

2. No spicy food. If you are not into spicy food, then hurray, you save yourself a trouble. Some people won't get agitated after consuming spicy food but I guess, I'm one of the unlucky ones to get feverish ( you know, where the spiciness just numbs your tongue and you can't feel a thing and you start to get dizzy then you start to snap at every person talking to you wtf while sticking your tongue out like a dog -_- and wish that there's a big glass of icy Coke in front of you that instance??)....
But I do love spicy food so.... ummm... I haven't really been depending on this way to cool down

3. Meditate?? The question mark here is that I don't know how to meditate using the correct way so I went to check up some website and found this where it helps users throughout the process of contemplation which we should blank out our mind and listen to every sound it protudes ( you know, the regular birds chirping and water flowing sounds where a gal speaks solemnly and lowly??)...

You can find it at if you wanna try it out. It does help a bit..

4. Sleep. Haha.. I think this is the best way that my temper could hurt nobody as I'm quiet as a lamb here -_- And I really do feel fresh after a nap and thus the valcano activity will subside subsequently.
5. Take a deep breath. When I'm finding myself going to explode with foul words and cursing like there's no hell, I will turn away from the source of fire and take a few deep breaths to cool down. Really works!!! And sometimes I would clench my fist tightly while breathing (I'm not getting ready to fight, k??)
I'm not sure whether they would work on you, but it did help me a lot... I do hope that I did not hurt anyone (yup, I mean you, Yoong) in the process of getting pissed off...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PHD or Job?

I can't decide...

In this kinda economic crisis, retrenchment everywhere, business are slow...

Although I've got a job offer, but I haven't sign any contract, its a rish to continue waiting for them...

But PHD is so tough...

Aarrggghhhh... Fed Up!!!

I need money

Something To Do

As I've been in a very foul mood for the past few days, right now, I'm gonna stop my growling and ranting and proceed to do something more soothing and useful and sensible.

Thus, after browsing through Suet Li's blog (, she recommended a site where we could change our pictures to Poladroid form - (like the ones where you get instant photos and you have to shake'em dry)

You have to 1st download and install the software (which is absolutely free) before using it on your com.

Just click onto the picture and drag them to the model and just wait for it to process.

You can either just let it dry by itself or shake'em to quicken the drying process (By the way, the model really do make such a loud noise that makes me and bf jumped).

There you go, some really stylish form pictures.. you can even add words underneath it (well, that's up to the job of photoshop or paint)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Mood To Write

I'm super pissed off now with all the crap going on in my life... Speak about bad luck...

I think this is the baddest luck of all in my entire life...

1st my freakin visa, then I got con into some stupid internet scam (dumbass me!!!), canceling my credit card, then my avant fucking browser is not working (or is it blogspot??)!!!

I can't see all my applications in blogspot now which meant no chance of reading other's blogs and leaving comments -_- wtf

Blogging is totally my life and now, they (the internet browser and blogspot and the internet and the laptop) freakin ruining my life by prohibiting me to fully utilize my blog... Shitty asshole...

I think I need to meditate -_-

I need to cool myself down to reach nirvana state and think about all the good things in life wtf!!! Before I get my ass into trouble and land myself with some deepshit problem...( -_- x 100 )

Video to cheer me up:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ma Hai

FUCK those freakin cibai retards!!!

Pisses me off!!!

Just shit your freakin pants off and let your freakin dicks get eaten by freakin dogs!!!

**sorry, am really in a foul mood thus the cursing**

Subsituting Beef With Chicken - Chilli Con Carne

Ok, my title really could delude people... So what I'm just trying to write is that I was making Hot Chilli Con Carne the other day but instead of beef, I substitude the meat with chicken...

But it turned out delicious all the same... Its said to be the fillings for mexican wrap... But I prefered it to go with rice...

The recipe ain't original cuz I twisted it a bit by leaving out some original ingredient and adding some of my prefered ones...

Here goes:
Chicken Breast (I'm not gonna say how much I'd used, but just add in according to the quantity that's alright for you and adjust the paste accordingly)
Carrots (instead of kidney beans)
1 whole big onion
3 medium size tomato
Chilli Con Carne paste (in supermarket)
Seasonings: soy sauce, pepper, sugar, water, sesame oil
Oil for frying

1. Cut the chicken breast to small pieces and mince them. This is really tough work as you don't really wanna have big chunks of mince chicken stick together... So its better to give it a thorough chop.

2. Chuck'em into a bowl and add the seasonings. It doesn't matter which one do you add 1st or last. But for me, I add'em water last. You will get a fluffy sort of texture where the minced chicken doesn't really stick together.

3. Cut up the carrots to cubes.

4. Dice the onions (hint: remember to place the onion under the water for several seconds so that when you're cutting it, it won't sting your eyes with its...umm...gas =_=)

5. Chop up the tomatoes to cubes with its skin on. this is because I still wanna keep the tomatoes shape intact (if I peel the skin off, they will tend to "fuse" into the gravy)

6. Heat up the pot and add some oil.

7. Fry the onion till its golden brown and dunk in the chicken mixture. For me, I'll fry them till their outer layer turns whitish.

8. Add in the Chilli Con Carne paste. Fry until the paste coats everything.

9. Add in water (more than enough to cover the chicken).

10. Let the water boil for 1 minute and throw in the carrots and the tomatoes.

11. Simmer them with the cover on for 10 minutes.(Don't need to put in anymore seasonings or make a starch cuz the paste is a ready to go one)

12. Serve hot with boil rice.

p/s: the corn that you see in the pic has nothing to do with the recipe...

Bon Appetite!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How To Break A News (Or Rather A Warning)?

I'm pretty tired with all these fucked up shit... I mean, having to deal with a person who isn't keen on cleaniness and is entirely clueless with the rules and regulations of the household is just so so damn torturing...

There were many times that I had already speak out my mind, tell H* (lets just call him that) what to do, what's not to be done, what's forbidden but yet H* still step onto the thin thread that would easily break the sainity of mine...

I tried some methods:
1. Hinting him gently.
2. Hinting him ever so clearly.
3. Telling him gently.
4. Telling him ever so clearly.
** And everytime I have to make a mental preparation of being the annoying woman and trying to sound not too demanding or too stingy**

I'm quite sure any educated ones would have understand what I wanna convey, but that D**BASS just couldn't make a shit out of what I say. (HEY, they rhyme)

I do sound mad in this post, but actually, I'm not, just frustrated that I've to put up with these annoying nonsense... Crap!!!

If you are the expert of encountering these kinda situation, could you please help me out here?? I really wanna know how should I deal with these kinda people?? Should I change my way of thinking to accommodate him or should he be the one that's suppose to change his weirdo ways??

Arrrggghhh...H* is driving us crazy!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopaholic In Me

I'm like so so spendrift... Have ta save from now on...

Outfit of the day... Dress - FCUK, Tights - Topshop

All ze perfume that I have... Back row - Midnight (can't really remember), Lacoste, CKin2u
Front row - Paris Hilton, David Beckham (from M'sia)

Vday for bf

Watch - Fossil

All skincare product... Moisturiser, mask and serum - Clarins

Cleanser and toner set - Lancome
(I wonder if I mix all the skincare product on my face, would it have side effects?? I mean like the smell of them would completely go wrong or they would clog my pores or something... wtf)

My diary - Playboy

Actually there's more, but am lazy to take them out (clothes of course ^_^)...
All in all, it comes to about 300++ pounds...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yay...Second Award

Thanks Cath J ( for this award... I'm glad that you treat me as friends... thanks once again...

I would like to pass this on to ying sing (, chia huan (, yee ling (, VVV (, Hui Leng (, Yian Wei (, Vialentino (

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Love the Letter C

As I've been browsing through a blogger's blog, Hitome (, who had this really really fun (I think it is....) .... ummm... what's this call?? List of things??? And the person answering it have to use their name's initial as the starting letter to all the solutions..

Mine is Cindy... Obviously, I have to start every answers with the letter C... So here goes...

1. What is your name: Cindy Khor

2. A four Letter Word: Corn

3. A boy's Name: Calvin

4. A girl's Name: Cynthia

5. An occupation: Care Assistant

6. A color: Crimson or cyan

7. Something you wear: Cardigan

8. A food: Chocolate

9. Something found in the bathroom: Cleanser

10. A place: Chaah

11. A reason for being late: Car's broken down

12. Something you shout: Cibai

13. A movie title: Confession of a Shopaholic

14. Something you drink: Coke

15. A musical group: Coldplay

16. An animal: Cow

17. A street name: Chadwick Street, Belfast

18. A type of car: Citroen

19. The title of a song: Circus (Britney Spears)

Phew... What a tough job really... I googled so long for the answers (sorry for being stupid).... If you wanna play, go ahead... I'll be tagging

Ying Sing (

Yilinglim ( )

Cath J (


Lingling Sista (

Hui Leng (

Yian Wei (

Vialentino (

Its up to you guys whether you wanna do it or not, no pressure here :P

George Foreman's Griller

This is a sorta review of my vday gift... Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance to try it out... And of course, of all meat I'd chose, chicken would be the best of all..

The marinade of the chicken (soy sauce, sugar, pepper, sesame oil and water) is made 1 hour before the grilling...

Then heat up the griller... When the griller is ready, it will turn off its indicator automatically (of course its something to do with the thermostat), subsequently brush some oil onto the cooking plate of the griller and the meat is placed inside it...

Let the oil drip into the plate provided...

As you can see, I'd grilled chicken thigh which is so damn full of fat and oil that the plate a quarter full of it... I had used 15 minutes to grill it (just in case the meat is still raw, but the instruction booklet recommended just 8 minutes of cooking)

Next up is the chicken breast which it contains less oil and fat... The cooking time is super fast too... It takes less than 3 minutes to be cook...

There you go..its ready to be served.

Then cook any sauces to go with the grilled chicken. I personally love black pepper sauce... The sauce in the picture ain't black as I pour in 1/2 pint of milk into it thus the creamy buttery effect.
Personally I love the griller as it requires less cooking time and thus saving electricity and its faster and more effective than using the oven... Not only that, its also less greasy than pan frying the chicken as oil would not spurt anywhere....
Thanks once again for the gift dear....
p/s: Remember to clean the griller when its still hot as its easier to wipe away the dirt when the oil and burnt have not stick to the grilling plate yet...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amazing Videos Again

Muttons at Midnight! Funny Songs

Singlish Chat from 98.7FM

Muttons At Midnight! Ang Pow Excuses

And one more is

As I'm so tired of running errands for Yoong the whole day, so I'm just gonna post up some videos... Damn hilarious wanna die... -_- sometimes...

Am gonna have kebab later... so stop here...

Bought a Fossil watch for Yoong as a belated Vday present.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day of Love

Just a simple dinner and some present exchange... That's how I celebrated my Vday...

Champagne (ok, I lied, it ain't no champagne, its sparkling juice) opening time... Scared the witts outta me as the cork suddenly pops out...

Meat of the day, steam chicken with mushrooms and dates... The chicken was like smooth and fragrant when it once enter my mouth ... yummy... If you want the recipe, you could ask me though...will definitely share it with you.

Kangkung belacan, but without sambal... its alright (if compared to my dad's version)

The apple juice is totally out of the world. It gives off a fruity fragrant and when you sip it, it ain't too sweet with a tiny hint of sourness...

My present... from Amazon...

Its a griller.... Ok, Initally, I intend to put the sign -_- but ummm, since its a gift from Yoong and I didn't present him with a better gift so I guess I'm totally gonna accept this gift with a happy heart.

My gift to Yoong..

Its chocolate alright (as you had read in my previous entry)..
The chocolate is heavenly. Not like those cadbury or swedish chocolate that you have taste before... its a totally different dimension... I can't describe to you all of them, but trust me, its really really good.

Last but not least, the Ferrero Rocher... Umm... Its finish even before Valentine's but I do love the heart shape...
I'm actually wondering whether should I write a small note here... Haiz... Anyway, the company that offer me a job here is only going to employ me in JUNE!!! Can you believe it?? I have to work in KFC for another 3 months... GODAMNIT!!! T__T

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If I'm Not a Girl

I've always have this wild imagination of not being a gal.... What if I'm a boy??? There's like so many possiblities of having more fun you know (as a boy I mean, and nope, I'm not inspired by the song of "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce, its just that this idea as been on going in my mind for a while...)

Yeah, I know, WTF right?? Why am I so deluded to believing that being a gal is not as good as being a guy..?? I am so bored that I start to draw up a list of the benefits of being a guy (its my personal view here,k?? no offense...):
  1. I won't have to spend tons of money on sanitary pad, bras and make-ups
  2. I don't have to get frustrated with what to wear everyday, just jeans and shirt
  3. I don't have to suffer from agonizing monthly pain of period (not to mention a complimentary illness of nausea and diarrhoea)
  4. I don't have to be worried whether I would get pregnant after sex or some other STD...
  5. I don't have to go through the painful process of labour
  6. I don't have to queue up to pee at the public toilet (queuing up is really a torturing event when you are trying your best to hold your urine)
  7. I don't have the obligatory responsiblity to do household chores and cook and wash the clothes
  8. I don't have the pressure to know how to cook for the family
  9. I'm not bind to stay at home to look after the kids once I gave birth to them
  10. I can go party till dawn or meet many gals as I like without being judged as some slutty whore
  11. I won't have to worry about me being rape by a gal
  12. I just need a few extra "stimulation" material to get me high (meaning, I don't have to use cucumber or carrots to stick into myself, haha...just kidding -_-)
  13. I'll have the privilege to speak out my mind or even get physical if I want to (not that I really wanna fight or something, but you know, guys tend to be rough and people don't go "Look at that fierce lady")
  14. I won't be too emotional and throw rationality out ofta window
  15. I don't have to go grocery shopping which is quite a tedious task (I'm not joking, planning what to cook is really one daunting task)
And if I'm as cool as Keanu Reeves, I would get the ladies attention and make'em drool over me.
But being a gal isn't too bad afterall such as:
  1. I don't need worry about jobs and money to make my family happy.
  2. I don't have to carry heavy things or do heavy duty task (yup, meant no tough job for the gal)
  3. I get to dress-up and take good care of my skin
  4. I get to carry branded bags and sling on my blings without getting judged
  5. I get to have an excuse to not work and stay at home after married
  6. I don't have to pay the bills when eating out with friends
  7. I have the privilege of guys doting on me and helping me out whenever I'm in trouble
  8. I am always excluded in the scolding if the lecturer is venting his anger on us (provided that the lecturer is a guy)
  9. I get to enjoy the feeling of being wooed by guys
  10. I get to enjoy the color, PINK
  11. I get to wear dress and skirts (meaning, a variety of clothes to choose from)
  12. I get to express my feelings freely without the need to hold'em back
I really can't think of other benefits of being a gal... So you see, that's why I wanna be a guy in my after life cuz there's 15 goodness of being macho than 12 goodness of being lady....
Maybe you could convince me that being a gal is better by providing more good points or maybe you support the male society and tell me about more them...
Which side will you choose? Male or Female?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Am On Internet!!! -_-

This is the list of donors for the KennySia Children Cancer Donation...

Can you spot my name?? Haha... Its Cindy Khor la...

I know this is a bit awkward but I've listed my family in a family tree (well not all the members of the family are present and I can't recall some names)... But I kinda like it where I can add pictures and informations on the family members.

Well, I've edited some info on Wikipedia regarding Taman Molek (its where my mum and dad and us sis are staying). The last sentence under the title "Education" reads "Smart Reader Kids Kindergarden"... Yup, that's my mum's kindy with loads of kids there...Trying to advertise here... Hope I'd made my mum proud... wtf -_-
You're right...I guess I'm too free... Doing all sorts of nonsense...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Ideal Age To Marry??

Marriage is about the the union of 2 people who are either too deeply in love or have the commitment to bind this relationship with a piece of paper (meaning, tying each other together legally). But many treated marriage as a very holy matrimony that is worth celebrating grandly and worth investing millions of bucks for a better future...

But as a little gal, I often wonder, what is the ideal age to get married?? Or do we have to get married in order to be a whole and complete person??
According to some study, the older you get married the less likely you will end up in divorce... Lets see some facts:
Divorce rates are lowest for men and women who marry for the first time at age 28 or later
The chances for a stable marriage increase as both partners reach the age of 30 and then the rates level off
The divorce rate for those who marry at twenty-one or twenty-two is exactly double the divorce rate for those who marry at twenty-four or twenty-five
The divorce rate for couples under twenty is incredibly high (between 80 and 85%).
The average age for first marriages in England and Wales is 31 for men and 29 for women

As for me, I think the ideal age of getting married is 28 (I wish to have a family after 29 or so) as I think that I still some space for me to grow my working empire and concentrate on living life to the fullest (I can't do that if I have a family tying me down).

I know I sounded as if as I'm scared of marriage or something, but with marriage, comes huge responsibility that I'm not sure whether I'm ready to take or not... So I do need some time to mature myself before having the guts to get married...

How about you?? What age do you plan to get married or what age are you married in??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smarties Yoghurt

I just can't help myself from blogging about this yummy yoghurt. I really tell you, its totally out of heaven.

2 compartments: the smarties and the yoghurt...

Just pour the smarties in...

Mix it...
Fuyoh, totally syok... The rich smooth creamy yoghurt totally complement the crunchy sweet smarties, how should I put it, its totally like matching bits and pieces of a zig saw puzzle.
I'm not being exaggerating here, but really, if you want me to eat this every meal, I would 100% say yes. And it helps with the constipation too -_-
I'm fine now. After consuming the yoghurt, I felt much better. But sometimes when a problem exist, it will never go away unless there's a definite solution to bang it.