Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Post Depression Outing

Eating and drinking

Sight-seeing and walking.
These are the simple things are really could soothe my mood.
I do think I need them again as they are so many rejections in my life (and in Yoong's life too) nowadays. I wonder if because we are THE COW (属牛) and we have total bad luck this year (犯太岁).
I'm always hoping that there would be rainbow after rain, or light at the end of the tunnel, but somehow, it never seems to come. I'm trying not to be depress here, but circumstances had forced me to feel otherwise.
Cheer up, or Gengki desu neh, or Gambatek, or 加油, or perk up, or terus berusahalah, or 嘎摇啊 is really what I need to hear now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuck This Shit

To every bad thing that happen around me.

And Cheers This Life

To every goodness that's taking over my life.

**Not gonna write a long post here. As I need to do something serious later**

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey, Let's Go Catch A Movie...

Or maybe not....
As had introduced a fantastic site to watch movies online....

The magnanimous site

Award from Elle. Thank you very very much. Its so nice looking. Therefore, the generous me intend to pass it on to other bloggers.

Hui Leng, Sis, Ying Sing, Yian Wei, Vialentino, Yiling Lim, VVV, Zwet. I think that's about it. I won't be including their websites as am too lazy to type them...hehe...

Tired from working 9 hours today. Another 9 hours for tomorrow.

Is there a day where there's absolute peace?? No misfortune or bad luck cursing the life of mine?? Sometimes, its really exhausting to stay optimistic all the time and keep on telling myself that there would be a better tomorrow.

But hor, I really don't wanna sound so down because the actual fact is that my heart is strong from all the mishaps and my emotion is still intact. I'm just trying to find a way to terminate the desperate-ness deep down in my heart.

"If you ask me whether I am willing to stay just for you, without thinking, I will say I would, that's how important you are to me"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Upgrading Myself

There are so many times when I really wanna improve what has been already in my head. I do believe that we are the not so perfect human beings and constant learning is the only way to make life more fufilling.

And therefore, I'd always thinking nothing about splurging money on...


Sometimes, there's always a someone by my side that suggest indulging in magazines and books are a waste of money as we could always get reading materials on the internet. But I'm more of a paper person who enjoy scouting through pages and pages of knowledge and would savour the feeling of flipping pages by pages.
But, as this misfortune had fallen upon me (as I shameless keep repeating myself in previous posts), I have to add some new members to this small family of mine, some technology and programming based books Maybe I could add some business related magazines too provided that I harness my interest in them 1st.
Go on, tell me your favourite book or magazine at all time and why. I would like to venture into them and once again go awestruck by the learning capability of mine.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Outfit For 2 Days

Dress as top: Ebay, Skirt: Malaysia, Belt: Malaysia, Tights: Ebay, Pumps: Ebay, Bag: Primark
I'm a total Ebay Whore.

Jumpsuit: DV, White tube top: Jane Norman, Black bra: La Senza, Cardigan: FCUK, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Nike, Bag: Fluorence, Watch: Cyma
I just am so happy now as my mother is really understanding about my lost of the job offer.

I was really afraid that she would get upset. I'm really gonna work hard in getting another new job. Wish me luck you guys.

Thanks for all the support!!!

Yoong and I went to have a post-depression-party for me where we went to have a buffet lunch and walk around the streets. Now, I'm a much happier gal.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'd Lost My Job Offer

T_____T and **sigh** were my 1st expression that lasted for about 2 minutes once I'd opened the letter of death.

After reality hit hard (I'd always told myself that the economy isn't as bad as it seems), I woke up from my dream land and now, I have to advance myself to another new level where I have to search for another job.

Therefore, I gotta do something about this whole - "I'm gonna work in the UK as a IT engineer" but dream vanish - thing.

Now, I am free to do whatever I want. Plan trips to go home or get a PHD or marry (just kidding).

Please console me and make me feel better as I'm now an UNEMPLOYED.

You know what?? I think I'm gonna treat myself to something good tomorrow to cheer myself up. You're with me, right??

Friday, April 24, 2009

Something Funny & To Ponder On

Found this super hilarious website ( with tons of charts related to work through Huai Bin's site.

Yoohoo, I'm not working today. In a dilemma whether to go to the wet market or not. Wanna have some crab for dinner tonight but really wanna save up some money. I'm left with 3 hours before the market closes...

Question: What's the most romantic thing you'd done for your partner?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ways To Be More Confident.

1. Be good to myself and recognize my personal qualities and give myself credit.

2. Learn to appreciate life by writing good things that had happened into a journal.

3. Update my image (more shopping and self beautified spa, ^__^)

4. Put myself 1st by trying not to worry about other person's reaction.

5. Don't be afraid to take risks, act confident.

(source: Good Housekeeping)

The reason I'm writing this year is because I'm currently trying to find ways to find back my confidence as it had plummeted way below 50% and confidence is what I need during job hours and finding a new job.

Although, I'm more eloquent, compared to 2 months before, but I don't act as if as a individual who has just graduated and is currently happy with all the things in her life.

I realized this when I was with Yoong's friend. I'm always cowering at the back, waiting for Yoong to protect me and chat with me, shunting out his friends as if as they never exist and stuttered whenever I'm answering their question.

This is bad news of course. I can't be like that when I'm working. I need to be more myself by speaking clearly and acting my part as Cindy Khor, the enthusiast and full of energy and girl full of pride (that's what my school teacher told me).

Therefore, I'll try and heed the advice above and see if there's any changes. I just have to get out of my comfort zone and brave whatever comes in my way. I do think optimism is crucial here.

Do you know of a way to boost my confidence?? Do please help me here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Outfit For The Day

Coat: Milan, Top: Zara, Skirt: Ebay, Tights: Ebay, Belt: Next, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Love them. Super cheap too.

I just love to post entries about outfits, fashion and food.... But to others, its something that's plain boring. I'll try to vary my topic, alright?? Hopefully I'll squeeze some creativity into this blog. I'm still trying to figure things out here, you see.
Thought of the day: Do you believe in retribution???
I do, as misfortunes are retributing on me now T___T

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hanging Around

1st, when there's a gathering or whatsoever, you need to have beer (as we can't take in too much wine, thus the lower alcoholic drink) and cider to lighten up the mood.

And of course, you need to have tons of snacks for the non-drinker and to nibble onto when your mouth is free of the golden liquid.

Subsequently, you need to have friends who are close enough to strike up many topics so that there's so awkard silent moment. And what's more, they have the same communicating language, ENGLISH.

But when you are having a rounds and rounds of drink, such as drinking a shot of beer per minute till the 100th shot, you'll get some who is quite sober to dis-continue anymore.

Of course, me loveeee Starbucks so I just "bungkus" (take away) the venti chocolaty drink to quench my thirst, besides having Bacardi cider.

We did have a "blast" that day (pun intended). There's a friend of ours got this superb looking grenade which is unfortunately the real thing. And when everyone is passing around the potential killer, the owner have to remind us not to drop it or pull the trigger or we can't live to see tomorrow.
Its quite fun to gather with friends (well, they are Yoong's friend actually) and have a wee chat, relaxing and having some drinking entertainment at the same time. Well, socializing doesn't really take up lots of effort, does it??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snail Eating

Its totally gross and Gordan Ramsay is definitely forcing the poor kids to say that snails are tasty, they are totally f**ked... pity them. (eh, don't blame me, blame it on the naive kids face that shows everything from yucky to "eww, I wanna puke")

On another unrelative note, this is what Yoong made for me for breakfast.
Isn't that sweet? ^__^
I've no idea what this Malay kuih is called. Kuih balut??

I'm not giving any recipe here as its not made by me and I haven't got a clue in how to make the wrapper and the fillings. But I tell you, it taste really good. Eh, I wrap that, thus the very stingy filling and thick wrapper.
I'm off to work now. Don't miss me... ;P

I Just Wanna Relax

I just love to laze around, be with the one that I adore, do something that's totally un-stressful, refresh myself with activities that can soothe the mind.

Its kinda hard nowadays to actually extract time just to have fun when the economy is so bad and the prices of good just keeps on increasing never-endingly.

But when Cindy's gotta relax, she just have gotta relax. No matter its rainy, or sunny, or cloudy, or snowy, because Cindy's got a lazy ass and she just needs to do what makes her feel happy.

Communicating with loved ones are crucial to Cindy as she wants her social life back and which she has completely forgotten after working part time. A cuppa hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream is totally heaven, I'd say.

Well, after a long day rest, its time to perk up again, strive for money, dash to success (but I don't really see any success within KFC), and just keep on working until there's no tomorrow.
I just love my life, do you??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy 10000 Page Load

Yay, finally, my page load is over
But hor, still very slow lor.... consider I've already started the blog for 10 months.
Anyway, congrats to myself
**pats own head, shakes own hands and smiles to myself**

A Secret... SSSHHHHH!!!!

I know, I should keep my big fat mouth shut, because this is the utmost important secret about fashion where I could literally splurge on designer items without any guiltiness due to its crazy cut-down price.

But, I just can't control myself in just keeping this ultimate bargain for myself thus, this post of promoting

I'd taken out a few key example on how "cost efficient" this website could be (and its absolutely safe and genuine as its a sub-website from net-a-porter)

Viktor & Rofl skirt (original: £303, price after slashing [PAS]: £91)
Juicy couture top (original: £142, PAS: £71)
Vera Wang dress (original: £343, PAS: £69 [wow!!!])

See by Chloe shorts (original: £132, PAS: £66)
Burberry cargo shorts (original: £171, PAS: £86)
Diane Von Furstenburg (original: £127, PAS: £76)

Alexander McQueen sandals (original: £768, PAS: £154 [ohh lala!!!])
Roberto Cavalli braided sandals (original: £460, PAS: £92 [**gulp**])
Christian Louboutin sandals (original: £308, PAS: £123 [never in life CL is below £300])

Marc Jacobs slingbacks (original: £269, PAS: £134)
Stella McCartney asymmetric sandals (original: £289, PAS: £116)
Chloe sandals (original: £313, PAS: £156)

I'm super lazy now to type out the price, so go check them out yourself la
(Miu Miu Wedges, Miu Miu slingbacks, Oscar de la Renta)
The reason of why I wanna keep this a secret is because they don't have that many stock for everyone. So, once your size is sold, then its gone. No restock or whatsoever. Therefore, its a super confidential thing to all fashionista who is super "kiasu" in buying all designer stuff.
On another side-note: I'm not going to the musuem today T___T

Friday, April 17, 2009

Delicacies?? Trash??

Oh look, its caviar!!! What a extraordinary delicacy.

But after tasting a mouthful, I would say "yuck, eww... what raw fishy taste they have"

Oh look, its David Beckham advertising for this weird brand noodle.

Looks alright.

But, into the scrap they go. Totally a waste of money. Its the most awful noodle I've even eaten. Please save my life with more good food.
Off for today. Yay!
Should I visit the musuem tomorrow?? Wait, let me clean the house 1st as this week is my turn.
Ok, I'm getting more random with nowadays post.