Friday, July 30, 2010

No, I Can't Commit to a Shopping Ban

So instead of being stern and torture myself with no retail shopping at all, I decided to go on a low budget buy (adapted from theNotice) so that I could save money at the same time satisfy my cravings for shopping.

So here are the pointers:
  • Start a "beauty bank"
  • Make a list and plan your purchases
  • Shop your stash
  • Project x-pan
  • Sample, sample, sample
  • Do it with a friend
  • Think of a reward
  • Treat your no-buy like a diet!
For more details, visit her blog!! ^__^ I think this might actually works.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wishlist August 2010

As spendrift as it may sound, I'm currently lusting over all things Chanel. Sigh... Although I found a website that sells makeup at cheaper prices (compared to Japan), I still find it quite hard to fork out a lump sum to buy them. But anyway, here's the list:

Vitalumiere Fluide Foundation in Clair 20
Powder Blush - No. 15 Orchid Rose
Les 4 Ombres Eye Makeup - No. 81 Beiges Velours

Levres Scintillantes - No. 108 Constellation

Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour - # 32 Sycomore

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 Things I Like

I love doing this. Muahaha. Don't blame me. Cuz these kinda things just make my day.
1. Blogging and Youtubing. These 2 are a must for me everyday. And I do mean every single F***ing day.
2. Pretty gals or pretty dresses. Alright, I'll admit. I just like the gal in the picture, Barbie Tsu.

3. Everything makeup related. Especially branded ones. Don't call me vain or a showoff, cuz everyone has this side.

4. Cool weather.

5. Random. Any food will do. But don't give me onions or aubergines or bell pepper. I'll barf.

6. Chocolate + cake = orgasm. Great combi.

7. Jokes, humours or meaningful phrases. They always make my day.

8. Retail therapy. I love love love shopping. If only my bank account could support this hobby of mine.

9. My relationship with my family. ^__^

10. Last but not least, LOVE!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Universal Studio Japan

So every kid has a dream, that is to enter the world of films and be a part of it, be it with the dinasaurs (Jurassic park) or cartoons (Spiderman). So, of course, I'd never been to any themepark (the blackpool one doesn't count cuz it consists of mostly rides, well, which themepark doesn't anyway?), so the little girl in me was unleashed when I 1st step outside the Universal City Station.

I was pratically trembling with excitement when I saw this. I can't explain why, but really, I was like the happiest person on earth and just can't wait for see everything.

She looks extremely beautiful. Of course I'm saying princess Fiona, not that green looking thing behind me. But I really pity her for having to smile the whole day. That's the smile for everyone's picture.

Spot us. Can you??? Aiyo, its so visible cuz we are sitting in the front row. No, I'm not barfing or going to puke, I can't remember what I was doing back then. And yup, the ride was 3D. As real life as it seems.

This is ride that made me go all dizzy and I was feeling so unwell after that. Sigh...

Yeah, how pathetic is that... Our lunch. Cuz we don't wanna spend too much. Imagine our entrance fee costs us 10,000 yen EACH!!!

Unfortunately, the ride for Jurassic park wasn't operating that day. Sigh... And we miss another ride, which I think is call Waterworld or something. So wasted!!!

Jaws the ride is pretty alright. I mean, you that the sharks are fake right??? But still, I can't seem to stop screaming (with a delightful and fake tone at the same time). Muahaha...

This was bloody closed too by the time we get there.... This tells us to always plan before going to themeparks and get all your timings right.

So that sums it all.. Not too many pictures as it was drizzling madly that day and we had a couple of not-feeling-well moments after some rides. Yoong especially!! ^__^

Monday, July 26, 2010

Traction Elusive for Zimbabwe Civic Activists Lobbying African Summit in Uganda

Both President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF and the main Movement for Democratic Change formation of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have signaled recently that they are ready for elections next year
Zimbabwean civil society groups are having some trouble gaining traction on their issues at the African Union summit in Kampala, Uganda, where they have been urging the continental body to press the Zimbabwean government to implement major electoral reforms ahead of national elections some see taking place next year.

Civic activists have warned the AU that the kind of deadly violence seen in 2008 elections could recur in a 2011 ballot.

Both President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF and the main Movement for Democratic Change formation of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have signaled recently that they are ready for elections next year.

Groups working under the umbrella of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition lobbied the AU secretariat last week to start preparing the ground work for Zimbabwe’s elections to make sure they are free and fair.

But the summit has been dominated by security issues, notably civil war-torn Somalia and Uganda, where 74 people died in bombings on July 11 for which the Somali rebel group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility.

The Zimbabwean groups say they will deliver the same message regarding possible 2011 elections to a Southern African Development Community meeting in mid-August in Namibia.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition South African Coordinator Dewa Mavhinga told VOA Studio 7 reporter Ntungamili Nkomo that the AU and SADC, guarantors of the 2008 Global Political Agreement that provided the basis for the national unity government set afoot in Zimbabwe in early 2009, must implement strategies to ensure a successful ballot.

* VoA

Sunday, July 25, 2010

1 Word Tag

A tag from Marcia's blog I am so interested in doing this tag. And you readers might go... "Oh no!!! Not another tag post."

Where is your cell? None

Where is your significant other? UK

Hair colour? Black

Mother? Kindergarden

Father? Home

Fave thing? Internet

Last dream? Garden

Dream or goal? Rich

Room you're in? Hall

Hobby? Blogging

Fear? Insects

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Manager

Where were you last night? Office

What you're not? Courageous

One of your wishlist items? Chanel

Where you grew up? Everywhere

Last thing you did? Bathe

What are you wearing? Shirt

TV? Uninterested

Pet? None

Computer? Dell

Mood? Worried

Missing Someone? Definitely

Car? Fairlady

Something you're not wearing? Bra

Fave Store? Hankyu

Summer? Melting

Love someone? Yup

Fave colour? Pink

Last time you laughed? Just

Last time you cried? Ages

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How To Apply Makeup?

Advice from The Goss Makeup Artist, and I'm trying to follow every step of it.

1. Apply Primer or moisturiser to the face. It is not necessary to apply both.
2. Pencil in the eyebrows.
3. Apply a primer or eye base to the eyelid (optional). I tend to favour either MAC paint pots or Nars Eye Primer.
4. Apply the highlighter shadow (lightest) the the eyelid and brow bone.
    Apply the midtown shadow (middle shade - usually matte in tone) to the crease of the eye, bringing it to    the nose bone.
    Apply the contour shade (darkest of the three shadows) along the upper outer lash line and upper crease.
5. Curl lashes and apply a VERY thin coat of mascara.
6. Clean up any fallout you may have from eyeshadow application.
7. Highlighting and contouring is applied now. This step is optional.
8. Apply foundation. Your choice of product.
9. Apply corrector/concealer under the eye.
10. Set with powder (unless using a cream blush).
11. Use a q-tip under the eye to make sure not powder has collected into any lines.
12. Apply bronzer to the face (optional - but not recommend for very fair skin tones)
13. Apply blush to the cheek bones.
14. Apply any shimmer highlighter to the face. Cheek bones, bridge of the nose, etc...
15. Curl the lashes and apply a full coat of mascara.
16. Line and fill in the entire lip with a lip pencil.
17. Highlight the cupids bow (optional)
      Apply concealer to the bottom of the lip (unless already full). Press lips together.
18. Apply concealer to the bottom of the lip (unless already full). Press lips together.
19. Apply lipstick. The concealer with act as a highlighter and give fullness to the lips.
20. Apply lip gloss to the bottom lip only and press lips together.

I hope this helps!! ^__^ Well, more of a guidance for myself ;p

Friday, July 23, 2010

This Will Be the Last Food Post of Our Trip, Part I

I wanted to make this the final food post but decided agains't that because there are a total of 43 photos and I just don't wanna cram up everything into this post. Therefore, the Part I and the upcoming Part II. Ahem... Pardon that.

Naturally, due to the overloaded amount of photos, I'm not going to label them. Cuz I know some people don't read them and just decided to go huruf buta (ill-literate).

Anyway, enjoy, people!! ^__^
p/s: leave a comment if you wish to know the name of certain food. Of course, tell me which photo by numbering them yourself. ^__^