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USA Treasury Puts Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Wife, Nephew on Terror-Related Watchlist

Controversial businessmen Muller Conrad "Billy" Rautenbach of Zimbabwe and multinational operator John Bredenkamp, both closely tied to President Mugabe and ZANU-PF, are also on the list of suspected funders of terrorism

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and his nephew Leo Mugabe have been placed on a U.S. Treasury Department list of individuals believed to have funded terrorist organizations.

The Specially Designated Nationals list is maintained by the by the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control which enforces the economic sanctions that already target Mr. Mugabe and other members of his ZANU-PF party.

The Treasury also added the South African-based Al Aqsa Foundation, which claims to be Southern Africa's "largest orphan and needy children sponsorship project for Palestine.” The Treasury said "several officials" from the charity are "active supporters of Al-Qaeda and [Lebanon-based] Asbat Al-Ansar".

Controversial businessmen Muller Conrad "Billy" Rautenbach of Zimbabwe and multinational operator John Bredenkamp, both closely tied to President Mugabe and ZANU-PF party, are also listed.

The U.S. Treasury gave no reason for putting Mr. Mugabe, family members and associates on the terror funding list.

Reached by reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe, Leo Mugabe said he was not aware that his name had been placed on the American watchlist.

Political analyst Charles Mangongera said Washington seems obsessed with Mr Mugabe, adding that Mr. Mugabe's links with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad cannot be construed as supporting terrorism.

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ICC Rejects Nomination of Ex-Australian PM Howard

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard's bid to become vice-president of the International Cricket Council is over after the governing body's executive board rejected his nomination at a meeting in Singapore.

Howard was put up as the candidate of Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket, whose turn it is to fill the position, but there has been widespread opposition to his appointment and the ICC acknowledged he "did not have sufficient support" from the wider board.

Under the terms of the ICC's regional rotation nomination process, the boards of Australia and New Zealand have now been asked to submit a new candidate by August 31.

Had Howard's candidacy not been so strongly opposed, top of the agenda at the get together would have been the formalising of his appointment.

Howard famously described himself as a "cricket tragic" but it is his political history which appears to have torpedoed his hopes of a second career in the sport's corridors of power.

He was an outspoken critic of Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe during his time as Australian PM and led calls for a cricketing boycott of the country.

As such, his candidacy was strongly opposed by Zimbabwean officials, who were able to muster support from neighbouring South Africa and, later, the influential Asian block.

Howard made a last-ditch attempt to build bridges with Zimbabwe Cricket last week, visiting the country for a clear-the-air summit with ZC managing director Ozias Bvute.

Bvute spoke well of their meeting, describing it as "friendly, constructive and frank", but it was clearly not enough to swing the consensus in Howard's favour and his candidacy eventually fell by the wayside without so much as a vote being taken.

New Zealand Cricket may now wish to use the developments as a platform to relaunch their support for Sir John Anderson, their preferred candidate, who lost out to Howard after the pair's rival claims were assessed by an independent committee.

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This Blog Would Be Temporarily Disrupted Due To The Owner's Grieving

T__T x 100000000000000 days

Is what I'm doing right now. I just hate hate hate this kinda feeling. I really don't wanna experience it again but if he is far away from me, I have no choice but to constantly endure this insane heartache.

I miss him so so much. And its only been like 10 hours. Can't imagine what would be the rest of half year like.... T__T

Don't pity me please. Don't say any word of console. It would make my tears go even more berserk.

Tell me something happy. Or funny. But if you've got none, its ok... Don't let this post ruin your day. Forget about it.

IMF Advises Zimbabwe to Peg Currency to the Rand

HARARE – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised Zimbabwe to consider pegging any future currency to the rand of more prosperous neighbour South Africa should Harare opt to abandon its present multi-currency regime.

In report produced by the IMF’s Africa department titled, Zimbabwe: Challenges and Policy Options after Hyperinflation the Fund said Harare could consider becoming a member of the Southern African Customs Union, which is dominated by South Africa and includes Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

"If Zimbabwe joined the South African Customs Union (SACU), a hard peg to the rand would reinforce economic intergration with South Africa and the countries pegged to the rand in part owing to the absence of exchange rate fluctuations," said the report released at the weekend.

"This would contribute to lower real effective exchange rate volatility. In the case of Zimbabwe, South African rand and the US dollar have been considered as possible anchor currencies," it added.

Harare last year ditched the worthless Zimbabwe dollar (ZW$) and introduced a basket of currencies – including the United States dollar, South African rand, British pound and Botswana pula – as legal tender, a move that immediately halted hyperinflation that had ravaged and discredited the ZW$.

The coalition government of President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has previously said it wanted the ZW$ back once the economy was on a sustainable path to recovery and industrial capacity utilisation was above 60 percent.

The IMF report said an assessment of trade within the region, shocks affecting the region, labour mobility within the region, fiscal transfers within the region showed the rand was better placed as an anchor for Zimbabwe’s currency than the US$.

"The rand would also offer more appropriate small denominations and bank note and coin handling costs would be lower than with the US dollar,” it said.

Zimbabwe and South Africa are each other’s biggest trading partner on the continent in addition to being strong political allies. The two countries earlier this year signed a bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement that analysts say will help boost economic ties between the two nations. -- ZimOnline

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Uses Special Law to Stop Lawsuits Against Reserve Bank

HARARE -- President Robert Mugabe has invoked the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act to stop any legal action against the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) after the central bank was slapped with several lawsuits for failing to pay its creditors.

In a government gazette released on Friday, any legal proceedings against the central bank will be suspended for the next six months. The regulation means that any creditor who has been seeking recourse in the courts to force the RBZ to pay its debts will not be entertained in the courts in the next six months.

The regulations were cited as the "Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Amendment of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act) Regualtions , 2010" titled 63B Legal Proceedings against Bank.

"The State Liabilities Act [Chapter 22:13] applies with necessary changes to legal proceedings against the Bank, including the substitution of references therein to a minister by references to the governor," read the gazette released on Friday.

"These regulations apply to proceedings against the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe that are pending on the date of commencement of these regulations."

The new regulations will apply to proceedings against the RBZ that are pending on the date the regulations come into effect and they will be in force for six months during which Parliament should make the amendments permanent.

As a result of the promulgation of the regulations, an auction of RBZ farming implements was halted at the last minute on Thursday in Bulawayo on the instructions of the Deputy Sheriff of Harare.

The RBZ has been slapped with several lawsuits over unpaid debts over the last three years marking an embarrassing end to RBZ boss Gideon Gono’s controversial quasi fiscal operations that made him an instant hero as he printed money to buy food and other commodities to dish out mostly to Mugabe’s cronies at the height of the country’s economic crisis.

Economists and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) blame Gono, who became the country's chief banker in December 2003, for compounding Zimbabwe’s economic crisis through quasi-fiscal activities that saw the RBZ pump trillions of dollars into financing Mugabe’s populist projects and political programmes.

They say printing money was fuelling inflation. Hyperinflation and the shortage of banknotes were the most visible signs of a severe economic crisis blamed on Mugabe's policies and seen in shortages of food and every essential commodity. – ZimOnline

Zimbabwe Diamond Mines Still a Concern: De Beers Chief

CAPE TOWN — Zimbabwe's diamond mining remains a concern but the Kimberley Process watchdog hasn't agreed on how to act because the country is not in a "blood diamond" conflict, an industry leader said Sunday.

The international body failed last week to reach consensus on whether to allow Zimbabwe to resume trade in gems from its Marange fields, where the Kimberley Process last year documented brutal abuses of workers by the military.

"Right now in Zimbabwe, where we can all agree that the diamond mining that is taking place is a concern, there is no overt conflict and we have a legitimate government," Jonathan Oppenheimer, De Beers executive director, said at the CNN Global Forum.

"And so the Kimberley Process itself is in a very difficult position. It feels like it needs to act. The community wants it to act. We've seen a dialogue within the Kimberley Process system that is looking at ways to act."

The issue deadlocked a Kimberley meeting in Israel last week. Talks are due to resume July 14-15 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Human Rights Watch claims harassment of workers is continuing and that some as young as 11 are forced to hand their finds to military guards, who then sell them on the black market.

The Kimberley Process gathers governments, industry and civil society to stem the flow of "blood diamonds" -- rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments.

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They Really Do Care About Image

Sorry Peeps!! Neglected the blog for such a long time (cheh... 5 days only mah!!)

Well, as you guys know, I'm busy with Yoong getting all mushy and sticky visiting places and going everywhere, and my workload in the office is like super crazy mountainy... Imagine doing 12 small cases in one day!! Speak about super hardworking...

So back to the topic. I went to the supermarket to buy some necessity, and see how they try to bungkus for me!??

Guess what it is?? They wrap it like some birthday present thing... And I was waiting there for the cashier to slowly wrap my stuff... -__-''' throughout the whole waiting process -__-''' x 1000


Tadaaaa..... Its ahem ahem for girl's monthly ahem ahem... They thought that I'm embarass to bring it around with me so they "hou sam" (kind heartedly) wrap up the damn thing for me to bring around. Speak about consideration. You couldn't really find that in anywhere else!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Rated as One of the World's Worst Leaders

BULAWAYO – President Robert Mugabe is one of the world’s top two dictators, a United States-based international peace watchdog has said in an annual survey, which also ranks Zimbabwe among the worst failed states in the world.

A list released on Monday by the Fund for Peace (FFP), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose mission is to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war, ranks Mugabe second after North Korea’s Kim Jong il, who tops the organisation’s 2010 chart for the world’s top 23 dictators.

The FFP blames Mugabe, the country’s sole ruler since independence from Britain in 1980, for the nation’s socio-economic and political ills as the reason for listing the former liberation war leader as a dictator.

“Mugabe has arrested and tortured the opposition, squeezed his economy into astounding negative growth and billion percent inflation, and funnelled off a juicy cut for himself using currency manipulation and offshore accounts,” the FFP noted in its report.

Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba could not be reached for comment on the ratings.

North Korea’s leader is listed as “a personality-cult-cultivating isolationist with a taste for fine French cognac, Kim has pauperised his people, allowed famine to run rampant, and thrown hundreds of thousands in prison camps (where as many as 200 000 languish today) – all the while spending his country's precious few resources on a nuclear programme.”

In their order from third position to number 23 as the world’s worst dictators, the FFP lists Than Shwe of Burma, Omar Al Bashir of Sudan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamed of Turkmenistan, Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia), Hu Jintao (China), Theodoro Nguema (Equatorial Guinea), Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), Yahya Jammeh (Gambia), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Blaise Compaore (Burkina Faso), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Raul Castro (Cuba), Aleksandra Lukashenko (Belarus) and Paul Biya of Cameroon.

The FFP also ranked Zimbabwe as one of the world’s 10 worst failed states based on factors including economy, human rights record and security.

The US-based NGO released their 2010 "Failed States Index", on Monday, ranking 177 countries to determine those most at risk of failure.

The NGO focus on indicators such as security threats, economic implosion, human rights violations and refugee flows to rank countries.

Since the index was published for the first time in 2005, the top 10 slots have rotated among just 15 countries, and FFP said it seems that state failure "is a chronic condition".

The NGO’s report comes days after the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said Zimbabweans still top the world list of asylum seekers.

A coalition government formed by Mugabe and former opposition leader and now Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is batting to revive the country’s shattered economy.

But unending bickering between the two former foes as well as the coalition government’s inability to secure direct financial support from rich Western nations have held back its efforts to rebuild the economy. – ZimOnline

Zimbabwe Announces Changes to Economic Empowerment Law

HARARE – Zimbabwe Economic Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere on Tuesday said the government will set varying percentages of shareholding foreign-owned companies in various sectors of the economy must transfer to local blacks, a major shift from an earlier requirement that firms cede 51 percent shareholding.

Kasukuwere, who also said 600 companies have to date submitted proposals on how they plan to transfer shareholding to locals, said the government will on Friday publish new guidelines on the economic indigenisation law that has scared foreign investors and caused divisions in the fragile Harare coalition government.

The revised regulations will see the word “cede” dropped for the law and with foreign-owned firms now required to “dispose” of stake.

The amendments that Kasukuwere said were a result of extensive consultations within the unity government and involving all stakeholders will also provide for the establishment of committees that will set empowerment thresholds for the different sectors.

"The (consultation) process has led to amendments to the regulations to take into account sentiments expressed by the stakeholders," he said.

The empowerment law enacted in 2008 by Mugabe’s previous government but which Kasukuwere only moved to implement last March caused a rift within the coalition government of President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The President and his ZANU PF party backed the indigenisation plan calling it an opportunity to deal the last blow to imperialism.

Tsvangirai and his MDC wanted the indigenisation scheme reviewed, saying the blanket requirement that foreign-owed firms cede controlling stake to locals was scaring away investors, while critics warned that Mugabe wanted to press ahead with transferring majority ownership of foreign-owned companies as part of a drive to reward party loyalists with thriving businesses.

But Mugabe told a mining conference last month that the government was reviewing the controversial law in a bid to shore up desperately needed investment, signaling a change of heart by the veteran leader whose agriculture empowerment scheme saw white commercial farmers expelled from the land and their farms parcelled out to blacks.

The chaotic farm redistribution programme has however plunged Zimbabwe into acute food shortages after Mugabe failed to provide black peasants resettled on former white farms with funding, inputs and skills training to maintain production.

Kasukuwere yesterday said he was in consultations with Finance Minister Tendai Biti over how to raise money for an empowerment fund that shall warehouse shares for future transfer to blacks.

But analysts say neither the cash-strapped government nor impoverished blacks will be able to raise money to buy shares in large foreign-owned mines or factories.

Among the large multinational corporations targeted by Zimbabwe’s empowerment laws are cigarette manufacturer BAT Zimbabwe, which is 80 percent British-owned; UK-controlled financial institutions Barclays Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, food group Nestlé Zimbabwe, mining giants Rio Tinto and Zimplats, and AON Insurance. – ZimOnline.

Lawyers to Launch Fresh Bid for Activist's Bail

HARARE -- Lawyers representing jailed Centre for Research and Development (CRD) director Farai Maguwu will today ask a Harare magistrate to keep his promise to consider releasing the human rights activist on bail once police have completed investigations into his alleged offenses.

Maguwu, who was denied bail by the High Court only two days ago, appears before Magistrate Don Ndirowei for a routine remand hearing.

Maguwu’s lawyer, Tinoziva Bere, said Ndirowei had said in an earlier ruling that he would consider releasing the rights activist on bail once police finish their investigations.

“The prosecution told the court then that the police will have completed their investigations by June 22, 2010. Now the only option left for Maguwu is the review of the circumstances around bail as the magistrate had promised to do when he denied him his freedom on the initial day of remand,” said Bere.

Rejecting Maguwu’s bail application High Court Judge Chinembiri Bhunu said the CRD boss was facing a serious charge carrying possible long jail sentence and was a flight risk if released from jail.

Maguwu, whose CRD has investigated and exposed smuggling and other illegal activities at the controversial Marange diamond mines, was arrested two weeks ago and charged with communicating false statements prejudicial to the state after he allegedly wrote reports detailing alleged rights abuses by security forces at the notorious diamond field.

He faces up to 20 years in jail if found guilty.

Meanwhile Maguwu has since been removed from the Avenues Hospital where he was receiving treatment and taken back to remand prison hospital despite protests from his legal team.

“The authorities have insisted and prevailed upon the attending specialist surgeon to discharge Farai from Hospital and let the prisons doctor takeover the post-operative care. The hospital nursing staff explained that even though this was against their better judgment, the matter was beyond them,” said Bere.

A meeting of the Kimberley Process (KP), the world diamond industry regulator, which began in Israel Monday is expected to focus on the Marange diamonds issue.

Several international rights groups that are members of the KP have threatened to quit should the diamond watchdog vote to accept recommendations by its Zimbabwe monitor, Abbey Chikane, two weeks ago to lift the ban on diamonds from Marange.

Chikane, a South African diamond executive, said in his report that Zimbabwe has met standards set by the KP last November and should resume exports of diamonds from the Marange field also known as Chiadzwa.

But rights groups want the Marange gemstones banned, alleging serious rights abuses by the army, which was deployed by President Robert Mugabe’s then government ostensibly to stop illegal diamond digging after up to 30 000 panners descended on the poorly secured fields in 2006. -- ZimOnline

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Police Blocking Bennett From Getting His Farm Equipment

HARARE -- Zimbabwean police are blocking Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's key aide Roy Bennett from removing agricultural equipment from his former property, Charleswood estate, lawyers said last week.

In a letter to lawyers representing the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA), which now runs Charleswood Estate after President Robert Mugabe's previous administration seized it from the MDC politician, Bennett’s lawyers said senior police officers blocked Bennett from accessing the estate.

“We confirm that our client did indeed go to Chimanimani," read the letter by Honey and Blanckenberg dated June 16 and addressed to Jakachira and Company legal practitioners.

According to the lawyers the police, some of whom were armed, mounted a roadblock and threatened Bennett's wife with death.

"All other cars were allowed to pass without incident. Only our client’s entourage was stopped. The road block was mounted by very senior police officers, some of whom had guns and some who appeared intoxicated. Our client’s wife was threatened with death," said the lawyers.

"Unprintable words were said to our client. He, upon pain of injury and death, was then compelled to turn back and return. The whole experience was harrowing.”

Honey and Blanckenberg wrote the letter after the authority said they will only assist Bennett to move his equipment if he pays expenses to be incurred by the ARDA’s staff who will assist Bennett when he wishes to remove his property.

ARDA said they will only assist Bennett if he agrees to pay “fuel, food, accommodation, travelling and subsistence allowances,” for the estate's staff.

ARDA argued that on March 27, 2010 the estate had travelled to Charleswood but was disappointed that Bennett did not arrive to move his equipment.

However, Bennett's lawyers said they believe ARDA is working hand in glove with the police to frustrate their client from accessing Charleswood estate.

“Our client believes that this road block was mounted at the instigation of your client. To that end our client is not responsible for the costs incurred by yours but will look at yours to settle his,” Honey and Blanckenberg said.

Bennett, who is Tsvangirai's choice for deputy agriculture minister in the unity government, has been struggling to remove his property from Charleswood estate for years and there have been reports that some of the property including bulldozers and tractors are missing from the farm.

The MDC politician was recently acquitted of terrorism charges but state prosecutors appealed the High Court ruling, further delaying his appointment to his post by Mugabe who insists that the courts must clear him of all charges first.

ARDA is best remembered for seizing, in 2005, Kondozi Estates in Manicaland province, then one of the most productive farms in the country, which has since been turned it into a large derelict piece of land.

The institution was set up to spearhead agricultural and rural development with increased support to smallholder farmers to facilitate the production of sufficient high-quality food for the nation and generate employment and income on a sustainable basis. -- ZimOnline

Monday, June 21, 2010

Zimbabwe Launch Process For a New Constitution

A process to consult Zimbabweans about what they want in a new constitution has finally begun.

President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party have finally allowed the process of crafting a new constitution to begin, nearly a year behind schedule.

Late Wednesday, Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who leads the Movement for Democratic Change, told political and civil rights leaders that nothing would stop Zimbabweans from forming a new constitution that leads fresh elections.

"The lesson to be learned from the process thus far is that those that resist change and the right of people to determine their own future may attempt to delay the democratic process, but they will never try derailing it all together. The will of the people cannot be denied and neither can their voice be silenced," Tsvangirai said.

President Robert Mugabe said he hopes the constitution writing goes well. The president said he and ZANU-PF have firm ideas about what should be in the new constitution and hinted at his priorities.

He said the previous ZANU-PF government had changed the constitution to allow about 90 percent of white-owned land to be nationalized, which he said was done in the "national interest."

He also spoke about provisions in other countries protecting the rights of homosexuals.

"What is happening in regard to the issue of sex in Britain, the gays, where a man can be a woman, and a woman can be a man now. May the Lord take care of us and avoid our thinking to be twisted by what is happening elsewhere," Mr. Mugabe said.

Now, hundreds of people selected by the three political parties which signed the political agreement in September 2008 will go out into the countryside to find out what people want included in a new constitution.

The outreach program will be followed by negotiations between the three parties. If the parties agree on the new constitution, it will then be put to voters in a referendum.

After that, in theory, Zimbabwe's unity government will end as fresh elections will be held.

Veteran Zimbabwe political commentator Brian Raftopoulos said Thursday that although the outreach program is behind schedule, the effort is still a major step forward because the new constitution is a major component of the political agreement.

He said there will be many compromises in the new constitution, and the three main political parties' issues will be reflected in it.

Raftopoulos said there had been slow progress in fulfilling key sections of the political agreement. But, he added, positive steps have been taken recently, including the licensing of new independent newspapers.

The first steps of the constitution writing process in 2009 ended after disputes erupted between rival delegates.

Zimbabwe's present constitution was drawn up before independence from Britain and has been amended 19 times in 30 years.

* VoA

Sunday, June 20, 2010

OMG, Spending Like Crazy!!!

These few days has been crazy.. WE (yeah, me and Yoong), totally tried every food on the earth (ok, just Osaka) and went everywhere our foot can carry us. Its been such a long time since the both of us went out and have tons of fun together (although its only 2 months since we left each other's side, but still, it feels like eternity).

And he brought so many things from UK (all's my stuff, pardon me, and there's still tons left in UK), so I think I don't need to shop for clothes for a while.

Its been a hectic week at work too. Loads of stuff happened at work, which of course aren't that good, and I just totally lost the confidence to continue no more, but still, coming all the way here to Japan, trying my best to learn things, adapting myself to the culture, I am not going to give up just yet.

I have to really work hard here, might not know when will I be getting the letter, asking me to leave T__T

Wish me luck!!

So how are my lovely readers had been???

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Longing To Be There Right Now!!!

Call me Dorky, Nerdy, Outdated or whatever, but my love for this character/story/book/movie will never ceased to end. I just am so fascinated with everything that's in this imaginary fantasy and how I long to live a life that is full of magical and adventure (not that I need more adventure in my life right now).
So, in order to fufill my dream, Universal Studio Orland totally came up and construct a real wonderland for us HP fans.

Like how cool is that to get a wand specially made for you!!! (alright, my friends were being sceptical and said that the stick-like things are actually fireworks -__-''')

I just can't wait to go there... Have to save money, starting from now.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park Map

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Details, Concept Art & Map

Wizarding World of Harry Potter First Look - Universal Orlando

For more info, visit the official website <-- Click

Alright, now all I have to do is gather a few buddies and hop on the plane.. Who's with me?? Put your hands up!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The U.N. Refugee Agency Says Zimbabweans Top the List of People Seeking Assylum Abroad

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The U.N. refugee agency says Zimbabweans top the list of people seeking asylum abroad.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said in its latest report 158,200 Zimbabweans sought asylum last year, fleeing political and economic turmoil and uncertainties over a fragile coalition government.

By comparison, about 48,600 people from Myanmar, also known as Burma, applied for asylum.

They were followed by about 39,000 Afghans, 39,200 Colombians and 37,900 Somalis.

The report, available in Zimbabwe's capital on Friday, says nine out of 10 Zimbabwean asylum seekers sought refuge in neighboring South Africa.

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Mounting Outrage at Zimbabwe Diamond Arrest

Days before a crucial Kimberley Process meeting in Israel to review the ban on Zimbabwe’s controversial diamond exports, concern is mounting over the continued detention of human rights activist Farai Maguwu.

Maguwu, director of the Mutare-based Centre for Research and Development, has been monitoring alleged human rights abuses by government security forces in the Marange diamond fields. His June 3 arrest sparked protests by local and international rights groups, including Amnesty International and the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC).

This week SALC said Maguwu’s arrest “followed closely” after his meeting with Kimberley Process (KP) monitor Abbey Chikane, a South African businessman mandated to assess whether Zimbabwe has met the minimum standards of the KP.

Chikane provoked outrage from rights organisations when he recommended that Zimbabwe should be allowed to resume gem exports.

In an interview with the London-based Zimbabwe radio station, SW Radio Africa, Chikane said Maguwu had given him a “fraudulently obtained document”. Asked if he had handed this over to Zimbabwean authorities, he replied: “I did not want

to be in possession of stolen material.”

Asked this week how he justified his recommendation that Zimbabwean diamond exports should resume, Chikane said the country had met the main KP requirements. He declined to comment on Maguwu’s arrest, saying it was sub judice.

Zimbabwe-based human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, who is assisting Maguwu’s legal team, said the charges against Maguwu remained unclear.

Mtetwa claimed that detective Henry Dowa -- the policeman investigating the case -- had said he was travelling to South Africa to meet Chikane. “He says he is going to frame the charges against Farai once he’s met Mr Chikane, so even the police themselves are not sure,” she said.

SALC’s executive director, Nicole Fritz, appealed to the South African government to “speak out” about Maguwu’s detention and raise the issue with Zimbabwean authorities.
* M & G

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Squabbling Zimbabwe Leaders Call For Peace

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s squabbling coalition partners put aside their differences on Wednesday to urge Zimbabweans to shun violence during an exercise to consult the public on the drafting of a new constitution.

“We don’t want violence. Please no quarrelling, no violence and no conflicts when views differ on political grounds,” President Robert Mugabe said as he launched the constitutional outreach exercise in Harare alongside Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Premier Arthur Mutambara.

The long delayed constitutional outreach exercise will run until October to be followed by a referendum that will allow Zimbabweans to have final say on the draft charter.

The government is expected to call fresh elections once a new constitution is in place although there is no legal requirement for it to do so, while Tsvangirai and Mugabe have differed on when a new vote can be held.

Mugabe has insisted new polls should be held most probably next year whether or not there is a new constitution while Tsvangirai has said elections must be preceded by a new and democratic constitution.

Speaking during the same occasion to launch the outreach exercise, Tsvangirai, who has previously accused hardliner elements within Mugabe’s ZANU PF party of blocking democratic reforms, said those resisting change would fail.

“Those that resist change may attempt to delay the democratic process (but) the will of the people cannot be denied and their voices cannot be silenced,” Tsvangirai said.

“There is no reason for violence, let us never forgive those who would want to disrupt and violate the will of the people,” added the Prime Minister.

Mutambara called on political leaders to create conditions conducive to peaceful dialogue over the new constitution. “As politicians we have an obligation to allow for peace in this country. We should make sure we the condition in this country allows for proper conversation which will give a people driven constitution.”

The inordinate delays to start the outreach exercise have helped damage the credibility of the constitutional reforms that have also been tainted by reports of alleged violence and intimidation by soldiers and ZANU PF supporters campaigning for the adoption of the controversial Kariba draft constitution as the basis of the proposed new charter.

ZANU PF and the two MDC formations of Tsvangirai and Mutambara secretly authored the Kariba draft in 2007 but critics say the document should be discarded because it leaves untouched the immense presidential powers that analysts say Mugabe has used to stifle opposition to his rule for the past three decades.

Zimbabweans hope a new constitution will guarantee human rights, strengthen the role of Parliament and curtail the president's powers, as well as guaranteeing civil, political and media freedoms. -- ZimOnline

Exotic Stuff I'd Got From Japan Haul

What I'd got (from top left corner):
Dietary Fiber
DHC Blueberry Supplement
Hot Cleansing Gel
Underarm Sweat Absorber
Cotton Pad for doing facial masks
Body Whip Cream in Vanilla and Berry Mix

Makeup I'd Scored:
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara (alright, maybe this isn't Japanese brand, but whatever)
Lavshuca Lip Gloss
Kate Lip Gloss
Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover
Cazenne Lip Liner and Brush

Acnes Spot Remover
Happy Bath Day Soft Body Scrub
Freshel (Kanebo) Whitnening Lotion

I'm so excited to try them out. Some which I never encounter before in the UK and Malaysia. Maybe its me being caveman from the 1st centry, but yeah, I was quite new to these especially the body cream in the whip cream container and the Underarms Sweat Absorber as well as the 3 layer lipgloss. If there's something that I love, I will certainly do a review on it.

Funding Crisis: The New AIDS Challenge

By BAN KI-MOON - U.N. Secretary-General

Monday, June 14, 2010

At Uganda's largest AIDS clinic recently, I witnessed a remarkable celebration of life. The performers were a troupe of young African singers, drummers and dancers, ranging in age from 8 to 28. Rarely have I been so profoundly moved.

"This is a land," they sang,

"Where beautiful people

“Laugh and dance in harmony.

"Africa. O Africa."

And indeed, these young people were beautiful. They laughed and danced not only in harmony but with energy and a joie de vivre that lit up their faces and filled us all with happiness. Listening, it was hard to imagine that they could easily be dead - and would be, save for this clinic.

Each of those splendid performers is living with HIV. Some arrived at the clinic so ill they could scarcely walk. Others showed few symptoms but, having tested positive, came to be treated. They were mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, children and grandparents. All were alive and healthy for one reason only: the Joint Clinical Research Center, in Kampala, and the drugs that it provides them.

Uganda was the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. There the scourge began in earnest; there (as elsewhere in Africa) it exacts its highest toll. Yet Uganda is also a success story. A decade ago, fewer than 10,000 people were on the new generation of antiretroviral drugs that suppress the disease and offer the promise of a normal life. Today, that figure is 200,000, thanks in large measure to generous support from the United States (under its PEPFAR program) and the Global Fund in Geneva.

We have seen similarly encouraging progress elsewhere. Botswana, among others, has invested heavily to offer universal treatment and now is well on its way to ensuring that no baby is born with HIV - a reality in developed countries, but not so in Africa where 400,000 children are born with the disease each year. South Africa, with the largest number of people living with HIV, has spent nearly $1 billion over the past year in an ambitious counseling and testing campaign to roll back the epidemic.

And yet, there is a new and growing danger that these advances might not be sustained. Dr. Peter Mugyenyi, who runs the Joint Clinical Research Center, told me why. Part of the problem is the sheer weight of numbers. In Uganda, he explained, only about half of those with HIV/AIDS are being treated. Meanwhile, money for treatment is drying up. Because of the global recession, some international donors are threatening to cap their financial support.

In Kampala, Dr. Mugyenyi has begun placing new patients on a waiting list. Countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and Kenya, as well as Uganda, are requesting assistance for emergency drug supplies. As many as seven million Africans with HIV who should be getting treatment are not. Worldwide, the number is about 10 million.

Compounding the problem: donors have also been shifting their focus from AIDS to other diseases, where there is a sense that more lives can be saved more cheaply. At a time when we should be scaling up to meet the AIDS challenge, in other words, we are dialing back. In our global war on AIDS, the international community is on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Those who rallied to the fight are alarmed. They fear the impressive gains of the last decade will be lost. "We are sitting on a time bomb," Dr. Mugyenyi told me. Every day, he is forced into moral choices that no one should have to make. How do you choose, after all, to treat a young girl but not her little brother? How do you turn away a pregnant mother, sitting with her children, crying for help?

Surely we can do better. In Kampala, I promised my young friends that I would do everything I could to help. In Washington recently, the United Nations rolled out an action plan that should dramatically accelerate progress on maternal and child health, including HIV. At the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, in July, I hope the international community will rally around UNAIDS' launch of Treatment 2.0 - the next generation of HIV treatment, which must be more affordable, more effective and accessible to all. As chair of this year's replenishment of the Global Fund, I urge all donors to see to it that countries such as Uganda get the support they need, so that Dr. Mugyenyi need not make those difficult choices.

I left Uganda with a snatch of song that echoes still within my heart. Its inherent truth would be obvious, had you been there to see:

"We are still useful.

"To our countries, to our families.

"All we need is a way to live our days,

"All we need is to survive in Africa."

Yes, times are hard. That is all the more reason to act out of compassion and with generosity.


Ban Ki-moon is secretary-general of the United Nations.

Read more:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yoong's HERE!!! Yippeee....

Woohooo... This is a scheduled post so I'm not going to post any pictures of him arriving at the arrival hall at the Kansai International Airport.

I know I'm going to be so occupied if he's here so there will be several schedule posts coming your way. I wish to apologize for this. But I know you guys wouldn't mind, right?? Cuz you guys are the best and always share my happiness with me... MMUUAAHHH, love you guys.

I'm like super high right now and can't wait to bring him around and taste all those delicious Osaka gourmet and bring him around (and myself around cuz there's like tons of place that I wanted to visit).

Of course, I won't forget to post pictures of us getting lovey dovey visiting various places, and doing fun stuff. So stay tune.

Did I mentioned that how much I love you guys??? MUUUAAAHHH... Another sloppy kiss for you wonderful people.

SA Mediators Not Coming to Zimbabwe Soon

South African mediators have no plans to come to Zimbabwe anytime soon contrary to what President Robert Mugabe said at the weekend.

President Jacob Zuma’s International Relations Advisor, Lindiwe Zulu said she was surprised to hear they were expected in Harare yesterday because there were no such plans.

Zulu said President Zuma was still to go through a report submitted to him at the weekend by the principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

After that, Zulu said, the South African leader would then decide on what course of action to take.

“As you may be aware, the principals met and had lengthy deliberations,” Zulu said by phone from South Africa.

“We have received the report and we are going through it. “President Zuma will have to go through the report first and then he will decide what step to take next.”

Zulu said she was concerned about the level of the misinformation surrounding their purported visit to Harare and previous other missions.

“It has always been the case,” Zulu said. “We get calls from journalists asking us about our visits when there would be no such visits.”

This contradicts what President Mugabe said on Saturday.

Speaking to journalists at Harare International Airport after arriving from South Africa where he attended the official opening of the Fifa World Cup, President Mugabe said the principals had finalised a report on their position and the South African facilitation team was expected in the country on Monday to deliberate on their report.

“We, the principals, have now summarised our report — in other words, what our negotiators went through and was submitted to us and we have looked at,” Mugabe said.

“We went through it with yeses and nos, yeses and nos; and we have come up with what we agree to be the position.”

But it has now turned out the South African mediation team has no imminent plans of coming to Harare. Indications are that development can only be expected after the World Cup.

The mediation team has to update the Sadc summit scheduled for August on progress made.

The three-member team is trying to break the deadlock between Mugabe’s Zanu PF party and the two MDC political parties led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and deputy Premier Arthur Mutambara.

The team comprises former South African cabinet ministers Charles Nqakula and Mac Maharaj as well as Zulu.

Contentious issues the principals have failed to address on their own include the swearing in of Roy Bennett as deputy Minister of Agriculture; the appointment of provincial governors; appointment of Attorney General Johannes Tomana and Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono; the role of George Charamba; the chairing of Cabinet, ministerial mandates and transport arrangements for principals.

* Newsday

IMF Says Zimbabwe Needs to Improve Economic Policies, Data

(Bloomberg) -- Zimbabwe needs to improve its economic policies and data reporting to make progress toward approval for a loan from the International Monetary Fund, according to the institution’s mission chief to the country.

“Improving the timeliness and quality of data reporting and making further progress in economic policies would help to move toward a staff monitored program, which is the stepping stone to an IMF financial arrangement and debt relief,” Vitaliy Kramarenko said in an e-mailed statement after a June 2-10 mission to Harare.

Kramarenko also said the country’s economy is benefitting from higher export prices and a good agriculture season, the IMF said. He recommended that the authorities complete a current government payroll audit, focus more on social policies and improve the business climate.

Wages in both the public and private sector should be restrained as inflation has recently picked-up, he said.

Zimbabwe, which has outstanding arrears of about $1.3 billion to the International Monetary Fund, African Development Bank and World Bank, is struggling to attract foreign investment and aid.

Zimbabwe Supreme Court Ruling Advances Women's Rights, Albeit on Technicality

The case arose in 2006 when the Office of the Registrar General refused to let former Sunningdale member of parliament Margaret Dongo sign a passport application for her son, requiring his father to do so

Zimbabwean women’s organizations have welcomed a landmark Supreme Court ruling saying that a mother has the right to seek a passport for a minor child without involving the father.

The ruling arose from a 2006 application by former Sunningdale legislator Margaret Dongo, who was taken aback when the Office of the Registrar General refused to allow her to sign a passport application for her son.

Dongo was shocked and outraged to be told she could not sign the passport application because, according to registry officials, she was not the guardian of the child. Common law in Zimbabwe, supported by the Guardianship of Minors Act, holds that the father of marital children is their legal guardian.

Had Dongo been a widow or unmarried she would not have faced such a prohibition. Not one to take injustice sitting down, Dongo with the help of the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association filed an application with the Supreme Court, which found issuing a passport is not a "{juristic act," so the legislation did not apply.

In her application to the Supreme Court, lawyers for Dongo argued that the registrar general discriminated against women by recognizing men as the natural guardians of children over women - although the law recognizes women who are unmarried or widowed as the natural guardians of their minor children.

The Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association welcomed the decision – but said it would rather have seen the court rule not on the basis of the “juristic act” technicality, but to uphold the principle of equal rights for women.

Women’s Trust Executive Director Luta Shaba told VOA Studio 7 reporter Patience Rusere that it is significant the exclusion was not on the basis of legislation but a discriminatory interpretation by the Registrar’s Office.

* VoA

Youtuber Crush: Queenie

Can't believe that someone with multiple occupations exist in this world. She's a "FLIGHT ATTENDANT, TV PRESENTER, MODEL, JEWELLRY DESIGNER, COOK BOOK WRITER, BEAUTY COLUMNIST" **taken from her Youtube Channel.

And what's more, she's not afraid to flaunt her age and her beauty as well... Let you see...

Nah... Isn't she like so so gorgeous??? **totally drooling** There's something mesmerizing about her, where I just can't take my eyes off her (I'm starting to sound like a pervert, which I actually am). I'd say she second Barbie Tsu.

She offers advice and tips on her channel which I find really useful, be it beauty wise, fashion wise or personality well being. I just can't seem to disagree with her opinions and her ways. There are gems in my life which I follow every so closely. More of like her words are motivation and energy booster to my everyday life, and I'm so dead serious here.

She's funny, rich, beautiful, slim, innovative, knowledgeble, good at English, Cantonese, Mandarin (you don't find many people who could converse in all that shit) and sincere. I really love her. And thus, the subscription and frequent visit to her Youtube webpage.

Go and support her ---> Click now, I say RIGHT NOW!!!

And yup, I'm doing this post out of my own free will without getting paid nor a gun pointing at my head. -__-'''

Monday, June 14, 2010

Watchdog Fears Zimbabwean Diamond Activist Being Tortured

JOHANNESBURG -- Johannesburg-based human rights watchdog Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) at the weekend expressed fears Zimbabwean police would torture diamond activist Farai Maguwu after they "illegally" took him from remand prison on Friday night.

Maguwu, who is the director of the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) was arrested about two weeks ago when he surrendered himself to the police and has since been charged with communicating false statements prejudicial to the state after he allegedly wrote reports detailing alleged human rights abuses at the notorious Chiadzwa diamond field.

Harare magistrate Don Ndirowei on Thursday turned down Maguwu's bail application and remanded him in custody to June 23, saying he was not suitable for bail because he faces serious charges and police are yet to complete their investigations.

But SALC said in a statement on Saturday police took Maguwu from Harare remand prison to Matapi Police Station -- a notorious torture centre.

"Prominent Zimbabwean human rights defender, Farai Maguwu, was last night taken from Harare’s Remand Prison under orders of notorious Criminal Investigating Department Detective Henry Dowa and removed to Harare’s Matapi Police Station, sparking fears that Maguwu is being tortured," SALC said, adding; "His lawyers have thus far been denied access to him."

SALC said the fact that the CRD chief was moved to Matapi on the orders of Dowa, "so renowned for perpetrating abuses against Zimbabwean detainees that he was the subject of an international complaint while stationed in Kosovo under UN authority and so had to hastily return to Zimbabwe", raises serious fears for the safety and security of Maguwu.

SALC promotes and advances human rights and the rule of law in southern Africa through strategic litigation support and capacity building.

The state accuses Maguwu of having authored several documents containing false information concerning activities at Chiadzwa diamond mining fields and purported human rights abuses by the police and soldiers on panners.

Police also allege that the information was kept at his offices in Mutare, at his home and on his laptop which is in the hands of the investigating officers.

The civic society activist attracted the ire of President Robert Mugabe’s government after he gave the visiting KP monitor Abbey Chikane a report detailing human rights abuses by soldiers.

He also told Chikane that workers from two firms contracted to mine diamonds at Marange in line with KP standards were stealing diamonds for sale to foreign dealers.

Chikane was in Zimbabwe just over two weeks ago on his second visit to assess whether operations at Marange comply with KP standards, a key requirement before the world diamond industry watchdog can certify stones from the Zimbabwean field clean and fit for sale on the international market.

The KP monitor has recommended that Zimbabwe be allowed to sell diamonds from Chiadzwa. -- ZimOnline

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Outfit Of The Day

Top: Ted Baker
Belt: Random
Jeans: Malaysia
Necklace: Topshop

Its been getting hotter as summer approaches. Ideally, its better to wear nothing. But in the end, I chose something that's super comfy and airy so that I won't be sweating like a pig. I should buy more of these slouching big tops. Its sexy at the same time ^__^

**p/s: At the mean time, there won't be too many post regarding outfits because I didn't bring all my clothes to Japan and I'm just don't wanna spend like £30 here for a simple piece of t-shirt. I'm missing UK so much. H&M here is freaking expensive.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Biti: Zimbabwe Now Enjoys Better Relatiosn With IMF

HARARE – Zimbabwe now enjoys “an accelerated relationship” with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a decade after the fund withdrew balance-of-payments support to the African nation, a top Harare official said on Thursday.

The IMF, which cut support in 1999 because of differences with President Robert Mugabe over fiscal policy and other governance issues, resumed technical support to Zimbabwe after the veteran President formed last year a coalition government with former opposition foe Morgan Tsvangirai.

The fund restored Zimbabwe's voting rights last February, ending a seven-year suspension, but ruled out any financial assistance until Harare clears about $140 million in arrears and shows consistent economic reforms

But permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance Willard Manungo said the IMF has stepped up technical aid to the country that is battling to emerge from a decade of acute recession and political strife.

“Our engagement with the IMF is now accelerated as they will be now coming here more often. It’s the same team which came here for the Article IV consultation. These are ongoing consultations between the fund and ourselves,” said Manungo as the IMF team that arrived in Harare last week was winding up the visit.

Zimbabwe’s cash-strapped government desperately requires international support for reconstruction.

The IMF has warned of “debt distress” in the southern African country burdened with arrears of more than US$4.5 billion and urged Mugabe and Tsvangirai’s shaky coalition to strictly adhere to sound policies would help its case for foreign debt cancelled and to lure much-needed economic assistance from donors.

Some IMF board members have also suggested introducing a staff-monitored programme (SMP) for Zimbabwe as way to help establish a track record of sound policies.

An SMP would see Harare surrendering to the Bretton Woods institution some of its independence in economic formulation and implementation.

Similar programmes have been introduced in other crisis-torn countries, including Sudan, Togo, Liberia, Republic of Congo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. – ZimOnline.

Court Denies Bail to Zimbabwean Diamond Activist

HARARE -- A Harare magistrate on Thursday turned down a bail application by prominent civil society activist Farai Maguwu who is accused of communicating false statements prejudicial to the state after he allegedly wrote reports detailing alleged human rights abuses at the notorious Chiadzwa diamond field.

Magistrate Don Ndirowei said Maguwu -- the Centre for Research and Development director (CAD) -- was not suitable for bail because he faces serious charges and police are yet to complete their investigations.

The magistrate said Maguwu, who faces up to 20 years imprisonment if convicted, was most likely to interfere with investigations. He ordered the police to expedite their investigations before Maguwu can be released on bail.

Ndirowei remanded Maguwu in custody to June 23.

Speaking outside the courtroom defence lawyer Johane Zviuya said they were not happy with the ruling adding that they were going to appeal at the High Court.

“It is shocking because this ruling gives the police room to arrest and then investigate cases. We are going to make an appeal at the High Court as a matter of urgency,” said Zviuya.

Earlier the magistrate had dismissed Maguwu's application for refusal of remand arguing that the "facts that were brought by the state constitute a crime known at law and they sufficiently link the accused (Maguwu) to the crime".

"The accused is hereby placed on remand as per the charge sheet,” ruled

Ndirowei, dismissing the defence's submission that that their client could not be charged under section 31 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act because it was subject to a Supreme Court challenge.

Maguwu, who was arrested on Thursday last week after handing himself

over to the police, is charged with breaching the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act by publishing or communicating false statements prejudicial to the state.

The state accuses Maguwu of having authored several documents containing false information concerning activities at Chiadzwa diamond mining fields and purported human rights abuses by the police and soldiers on panners.

Police also allege that the information was kept at his offices in Mutare, at his home and on his laptop which is in the hands of the investigating officers.

The police cite a document entitled "Grant ECEZ/FL030" and headlined "March 2010 Progress Report", which was allegedly recovered at Maguwu’s house. They also cite an email address that was titled "CRD Chiadzwa April Report" and was allegedly sent from one Tor-Hugne Olsen to Maguwu and copied to Antony Dekker and Gabriel Shumba.

The civic society activist attracted the ire of President Robert Mugabe’s government after he gave the visiting KP monitor Abbey Chikane a report detailing human rights abuses by soldiers.

He also told Chikane that workers from two firms contracted to mine diamonds at Marange in line with KP standards were stealing diamonds for sale to foreign dealers.

Maguwu, whose organisation has tracked and exposed illegal diamond mining and smuggling at Chiadzwa met Chikane in the eastern city of Mutare two weeks ago and said he had provided him with “hard evidence” showing soldiers were abusing villagers while smuggling and other illegal activities persist at Chiadzwa.

Chikane was in Zimbabwe on his second visit to assess whether operations at Marange comply with KP standards, a key requirement before the world diamond industry watchdog can certify stones from the Zimbabwean field clean and fit for sale on the international market.

The KP monitor has recommended that Zimbabwe be allowed to sell diamonds from Chiadzwa. -- ZimOnline

Bafana Bafana Declare War on Mexico!

Bafana Bafana coach Carlos Alberto Parreira "declared war" on Mexico as he named the starting XI that will do battle in the World Cup opener at Soccer City at 4pm.

"Playing in the opening match of the World Cup is special. But out there on Friday against Mexico it will be a battle, no make that a war and we are ready for it," said Parreira, who announced that the same starting line-up that beat Denmark 1-0 at the weekend would take to the field for the opening whistle.

“I am more than satisfied with the side that started against Denmark so there is no need to change. I am confident we can deliver the goods.” added Parreira, coaching at his sixth World Cup.

He plans to give Bafana one more important message in the dressing room before they walk on to the field on Friday. “My message to them will be to go out and enjoy the game.”

Skipper Aaron Mokoena said Parreira had given Bafana back their self-belief since he took charge of the side last November: “We are more relaxed, much fitter and hungrier. This is a big game of our country.

"We know we have to go out there and get a result. But the coach has made it easy for us by keeping the pressure off us and keeping us relaxed. He has had experience of being in this position a number of times and that experience has been a great help to us in the build-up to this match.”

The Portsmouth defender added that he had plenty of respect for Mexico especially their three pronged attack: “They have pace and skill. They are going to be a handful but we can cope. We are going to give it a go and make it really difficult for Mexico. The talking is over now it is time for us to do get out there and show the country what we are made of.”

The fact that only three overseas-based players, Mokoena, Steven Pienaar of Everton and Fulham anchorman Kagisho Dikgacoi are starting the match demonstrates the faith he places on the local players whom he knocked into shape in the three training camps during 2010.

Parreira said he and the players were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support on Wednesday when thousands of fans took to the streets of Sandton to cheer on the players in a pre-tournament open bus parade.

“South Africans are similar to Brazilians when it comes to soccer. The people are in love with Bafana players. They are all celebrities. It was incredible and we are grateful to the nation. Now it is our turn to deliver,” he said, adding that Bafana were ready to make the country proud.

Mexican coach Javier Aguirre was almost arrogant in his dismissal of Bafana fans' off-the-field celebrations. “I don’t care what the opposition does in their spare time. It does not concern me.”

The former Mexican star added that his players were too experienced to suffer stage fright in front of a capacity 94,000 crowd of mainly Bafana supporters.

Aguirre said: “We did not come here to make friends but to beat South Africa in the opening match. This is a once-in-a-lifetime match."

Bafana Bafana: Itumeleng Khune, Siboniso Gaxa, Aaron Mokoena (captain), Bongani Khumalo, Lucas Thwala, Reneilwe Letsholonyane, Kagisho Dikgacoi, Teko Modise, Steven Pienaar, Siphiwe Tshabalala, Katlego Mphela.

* Timeslive

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How I'm Currently Fighting Against Hair Fallouts.

Its been dreadful for the pass few weeks. If you had follow me on twitter or facebook, you know that my hair was falling in large amounts and I was scared till death. I mean, I don't wanna go BALD when I'm in my twenties.. Hello!!!???? I don't think my boyfriend and family would approve of that.

So, the desperate me googled some info and came across with some methods. I'm currently incorporating them into my life now and so far, its working pretty well for me. So I'd decided to save some of you guys out there but sharing with you my way of keeping my hair on my head.

(Remember, we shed 50-60 strands of hair daily, so if you are with me, say, 70++ of hair coming off, you could try these methods, the easiest way to count is when you are washing you hair, how many strands of hair do you pull out/came off. If its more than 10, then your alarm should start ringing in your head)

Ways to Prevent Excess Hair Fallouts.

1. Take Vitamin B or Multivitamins. (Newly incorporated routine which works tremendously well)

2. Destress. I listen to music and blog and youtube. These makes me relax. Oh yeah, not forgetting shopping for makeup too ^__^ (Newly incorporated routine which works tremendously well)

3. Sleep for at least 7 hours per day. (Newly incorporated routine which works tremendously)

4. Tie my hair in loose buns.

5. Flip my hair up whenever I'm sleeping. Sleep lying on my back.

6. Discipline my hands to not touch my hair whatsoever. (Newly incorporated routine which works tremendously)

7. Never once did I comb my hair after washing it.

8. If I can, I won't wash my hair once per week giving it some rest from chemicals like shampoo.

9. If using harsh shampoo like Lush Big Shampoo, I would massage my head really really gently.

10. I don't ever use my fingernails to scrub my scalp.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Entry To Get Lippie's Birthday Giveaway, What Makes Me Happy

I would say that my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows makes me happy. When I have the free time, I would certainly open flip open the flap on top and admire the beautiful art craft. And yeah, I'm totally obsessed with this thing. I would even call myself a lunatic for being so crazy over something trivial (alright, maybe not that trivial to me).

But I feel so lightheaded and would smile from ear to ear after touching the little alice and caterpillar and the mushrooms... I would never regret buying this online from Debenhams. Was practically jotting down the date of release and waking up early in the morning in front of my laptop, and opening the Debenhams webpage.

Pretty isn't it??

I love this a lot. And it totally makes my day by just touching it. I wonder anyone is as obsessive as me?

This Is How I Store My Snacks

I can be so random at time when it comes to writing my blog posts. Sometimes there's makeup, sometimes there's food... Its like I've got so many things to share with you but just needed time to write up all these posts. But hopefully I could keep on updating as often so that you guys won't think that Cindy Khor's blog is bogus.

So how do you like my storage of candies/snacks?? Pretty neat huh?? (I'd like to think so..) And what's even more worth it is that the boxes are free ^__^ If you wanna know, the green ones are green tea chocolate filling cookies, and there's Pocky, red bean paste ... (argh... can't think of the name... you know... the one that doraemon loves to eat??), and ice-cream-like candy (I'm so running out of vocab for these Jap's snacks. Speak about variety.