Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Palette Is FINALLY HERE!!!

OMG!!! I'm so thrilled and excited to receive the parcel from Debenhams as I knew what's inside. And boy was I trembling when I cut open the packages.

I can't even take proper photos on my own due to the extreme light headed feeling that I had to ask my boyfriend to hold the DSLR. (I'm still an amateur in photography using the DSLR as I find it quite tough learn with all the functions and buttons)

But anyway, I absolutely love what I'd got and the packaging (which is 5* out of 5) is superbly gorgeous. I haven't do any swatches yet as I would most probably swipe the pigmentation with my fingers and they aren't exactly what I'd call clean.

And £28 is definitely well worth money (even before trying it).

I think Alice In Wonderland Palette will be released in store (Debenhams UK) tomorrow . So maybe you might wanna check it out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Nice Friends Gathering

Its been a long time since I went out to have some food with Yoong's friends. Well, saving up money is my utmost priority and laziness is totally conquering my body thus the non-existence gathering for the pass few months

So we had a sort-of fine dining experience before the New Year (yes, this story is so yesteryear that I think I'd silver hair growing on my head).

I can't quite remember what's the name of the restaurant, but a very special thanks Jeng Haw, Jay, Caryn, Tyng Hwei, Chia Ling and Jia Li for inviting us along.

I had Grilled Sea Bass and Yoong had pasta. Actually, we didn't quite enjoy the food too much as I don't eat onion/olives (unfortunately there were tons in mine) and Yoong didn't like his sauce too diluted.

But anyway, we had a great time with all of them. So special thanks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is A Man Obliged To Provide Money For His Wife/Girlfriend?

This question has been in my head all day... And its really disturbing me till the very max.

What I feel, is that as a man, a man with enough of dignity, he should be the breadwinner of the family, providing shelter, food, protection, security and other neccessity for the family household.

He, as a man, should be the one earning most of the family income and make sure that his family live comfortably.

My papa, did this, for his entire 30++ years and I guess now its his time to relax and my turn to take on the role.

But anyway, the sentence above is kinda out of this topic.

So, I do feel that, a man shouldn't be too calculative when it comes to money. But what I'd encounter my entire 25 years of life, I have seen many men, being too Mr. Scrooge about their money, stingy with sharing, and shrewd when it comes to the matter of moolah.

We of the women races, could never be on par or rather on the same scale as men, (even though the slogan = "we are equal" constantly runs through my head), when it comes to salary and strength and the position in the society. Therefore, I am not too disgusted by the fact that women have to rely on men in order to live comfortably.

Sometimes, I just don't understand.

Why do we (women) have to put up with men who are doesn't want to pay for our meals which we deem as an act of courteous and manly (I mean, not like those bitches who tend to take advantage of their male friends and always make them pay)???

Why do we have to undergo the tension or shamefulness of asking money from our own boyfriend/husband when its just a natural act to do so (don't forget, men earn more money than we do)??

Why does men sees that women who ask for money are those who are stupid and unreasonable who won't get a job and who cons them of their moolah instead of seeing us as someone they should try and protect and provide us with a comfortable life??

Why are men nowadays so so sensitive with their $$$ that they are so unwilling to share, and if they do share, they wanna hear 2456214 reasons behind before parting with their money??

I'm just so intrigued.

I always thought that the boyfriend/husband should not ask question nor should they feel intimidated when their girlfriend or wife wanted some money or gifts from them.

Don't tell me that men are sissy in the current era and thus their womanly features are starting to show...  **gasp!!**

I just hope that this only happen to me and guys around me, and not all guys act the same way.

So I guess, staying at home, becoming a housewife, taking care of my kids, doing household chores (which is also my dream from young) won't be realized then. I've got to work hard in order to survive, even if I have kids, and shouldn't ask a penny from my husband.

Life surely is hard.

Men... They certainly are damn creatures. Making us women cry and at the same time stronger in order to face this tough world.

So my thought for today: We shouldn't rely too much on men especially when it comes to money, because if we do, we will end up losing our integrity and our trust will always be misplaced by them bastards.

Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, WAKE UP YOU GUYS!! There's no happily ever after. You've gotta work your ass of in order to keep your prince charming beside you or he'll kick you out of the castle because you are not contributing $$$ to provide for the family.

2 Announcement & Food Stuff

I have a big big announcement to make...

**Breathes in deeply and exhale through mouth...** x 10


I am leaving UK next month.

For good.

Its a tough decision, but I know its the best for me, my future, my boyfriend, our future family, my family and my boyfriend's family

Another big announcement.....

**Breathes in deeply and exhale..**cough cough**... exhale...***


I'm not staying back in Malaysia either.

I'm going to Japan.

To work.... for 3 years.


I don't even know whether I'm couragous or strong enough to survive in Japan alone, with no knowledge of Japanese language, or their culture, or their people. But I'll try my best.

Therefore, I really need you guys, help me through this tough phase. Tell me that I'm making the right decision. Tell me that I'm strong enough to brave the adversity alone. Tell me that I'm doing this for my own good. Tell me that I'm not alone and you all will be supporting me through the internet.

This sounded like a sad post!!?? does it?? No no.. I'm not that sad. Just a little dazed that this is all happening and its happening too fast.

Anyway, on a totally unrelated tone, here are some pictures of what I'd made..


Guan Qiang (Teochew vegetarian dish I'd learned from my mum) for the 1st day of Chinese New Year.


Ayam Paprik which taste awesome. Gonna make this again.

You can try to google up these recipe because I'm quite lazy to type the recipe here, sigh...Not in the mood... I wish I can just stay in bed all day without having to think so much and decide anything.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Malaga Trip, Final Day

So, a picture is worth a thousand words they say. So I'm going to post a series of pictures to represent the last day of our Malaga trip without elaborating further. Enjoy!!!

(OKAY, maybe its due to plain laziness so I'm not gonna write anything).

By the way, new video up ==> Click here

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buy Your Alice In Wonderland Palette Online NOW!!!! Like RIGHT NOW!!!

I had bought mine ( ^__^ :D ^__^ :D ) x 1000000
OMG. I thought that I had to wake up early on Monday morning to sit in front of the laptop and wait till 9am before clicking away. All thanks to Lipglossing who provided the information. She's a total life saver.

And the free shipping code is: SHD1

Click here to buy it. Unfortunately orders can only be shipped to UK.

A Totally Delayed Post, Our Valentine's Day Presents

This is like the most luxurious and expensive pressent the both of us gave each other. And needless to say, we absolutely love love love our gifts very much. Its a bit extravagant though if you wanna consider the finance condition the both of us are in (he's a student and I'm working like part time!?)

So I got him a Canon 1000d DSLR and he got me a Burberry purse.

Cummon, everybody say "Awww...."

Today is Day 7 of the lunar calendar, which meant that its also THE BIRTHDAY OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS. So I would like to wish you guys Happy Birthday. Go get yourself a present... ^__^

There's a huge news coming up which I'll blog in my future post once everything is confirmed. But if you follow my facebook, you might know what's happening in my life. I'm quite excited to share with you guys but I need to make sure that everything is 100% sure before I break the news.

Yes, I'm still a bit unsure of so many things. There's loads of planning to do that involves telephone calls, emails, texts... And of course running around doing some errands... But trust me, I don't wanna spill too much beans before I go into further detail in the subsequent posts.

So anyway, its been a long time since I'd type something this long, so just a wee bit of babbling here. And photos underneath are for you guys to savour ;p
Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Discount Vouchers, For UK Only

Here are several Voucher Codes that I'd got from Martin,, whose website is filled with tips on saving as well as promotional deals of the months.

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New Look:
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Get 20% off online retailer ASOS with a code found in March’s In Style magazine (£3.60 with Leighton Meester on the cover). It's valid on full price items until Sun 28 Feb, and some brands are excluded.
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For more info, visit Martin
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Malaga Trip Day 2, Part 3

Finally, this is like the last part of day 2 in Malaga, and I had omitted quite a few pictures that I deemed unneccessary.

So, after a long day's walk, we had our lunch in front of a gigantic cathedral.

Its definitely tall alright. We can't even catch the whole structure into the frame.

Me, looking intentively at the menu, deciding on what to eat but to be serious, we already have rough idea on what choose.

Tada... Our assortment of Tapas (small size servings of food in different plate).

But 1st, we need to satisfy our cravings for seafood therefore the individual order of Fried Calamari.

Then starting from the bottom, anticlockwise, its salad coleslaw thingy, potato croquettes, Spanish omelette, fried calamari (again) and some fried potato wedges.

They were actually quite good to be honest, if the coldness of the food is not considered. But just a bit tasteless. So we had to ask for ketchup and sprinkled some salt into our food. I would say that the best is the salad thing, which goes excellently with complimentary bread provided. (Yeah, they always provide free bread with every table).


These mandarin orange trees are practically everywhere. I guess there's some similarity between Chinese's fruits and spanish??

The magnificent structure of the cathedral.

We paid like Euro 4 each to enter the sacred place.


This is like a meeting place for all the bishops or something below with tons of seats and pipe organ on top.. Majestic...


Another view of the meeting place.

Making a donation which lights up one candle.



Some Ghandi like sculpture.

Did some souvenir shopping.


Got conned by this ice cream shop as we got this voucher from the tourism centre which entitled us to free toppings and this ice cream cost us Euro 2.50. And where the hell is topping?? See that wee dark brown spot over there, its the topping =__=''' (f**king bastard cheat us of our money)


Was throwing rubbish at a very far away dustbin and walking back towards yoong when he took this cholo (undignified) picture of me.

Piaza de la merced. Some sort of square.

The theatre. Was closed that day.


Totally haven't got the mood to label these photos.

A shop that operates on vending machines with seating summore.

Our hotel from the outer view. Pretty and classy isn't it?


Cake full of cream. And I do mean cream like 90% of it is filled with that mushy tastely stuff.

Dinner time...

Authentic Sangria

Black Seafood Paella. Quite tasty actually. Luckily it didn't make my mouth black after eating.

Yoong's portion of mixed paella. I much prefer mine as this is a bit tasteless.

Went to the pink room in the hotel to fool around.


And lastly, here's a picture of this fashionable staircase. ^__^

Finally... So the final day, would be in the next post... Hahaha... Used 1 1/2 hour to do this... I need time to write blogs...

Oh yeah, go check out my Youtube ==> Here